Dom’s Chop Salsa Hits a Home Run with San Antonio Missions

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Dom’s Chop Salsa Hits a Home Run with San Antonio Missions

San Antonio Missions Baseball Team Kicks off Their New Season with Dom’s Chop Salsa

The San Antonio Missions baseball team kicks off their new season with a hot commodity – Dom’s Chop Salsa to be exact! Their “Grilled” salsa was born from a love of backyard BBQ’s and Mexican food, and now they are excited to share it with the rest of Texas!

Dom’s Chop Salsa, a San Antonio-based salsa company sold exclusively at H-E-Bs across Texas, will be showcasing their Medium salsa all season long at the San Antonio Missions’ Wolff Stadium.

Dom's Chop Salsa

“Our one-of-a-kind salsa, made with fresh veggies that are hand-grilled over mesquite wood and charcoal briquettes, imparts a unique and natural smoky flavor that fans love so much they’ll eat it with just about anything.” said Co-Owner, Susana Mendiola. “That’s why we started calling it a salsa obsession!”

Dom's Chop Salsa

In this case, however, fans can enjoy Dom’s Chop Salsa on the delicious street tacos which can be purchased at the Dom’s Chop Salsa Mexican Grill in the first base concourse at Wolff Stadium during every Missions’ home game this season. 

“We’re really happy to be a part of a San Antonio tradition like the Missions, and we hope to be one ourselves someday,” said Co-Owner, Dom Mendiola.   

As they say in baseball, “Hit hard, run fast, eat salsa!”

Dom's Chop Salsa

About Dom’s Chop Salsa:

Dom’s Chop Salsa was created by husband and wife team, Dom and Susana Mendiola in August of 2014. The couple worked in IT at Rackspace at the time and would bring the salsa to every office potluck. What started out as a cherished family recipe became an overnight sensation after Dom threw his veggies on the grill to save time, and the authentic smoky flavor that followed became the taste that blew everybody’s mind. Before they knew it, they were officially “salsapreneurs,” getting the whole family involved in making salsa every weekend. Eventually, they raised funds via an Indiegogo campaign to build an industrial grade manufacturing grill Dom invented to cook the massive amounts of veggies they needed to keep up with production. Just a few years later, and they’re now available in over 200 stores across Texas, exclusively at H-E-B. 

Currently, Dom’s Chop Salsa, which is made with all-natural ingredients and is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly, comes in three flavors – Grilled Mild, Grilled Medium and Grilled Hot. It’s the only salsa you can find on the shelves that’s hand-grilled over a wood and charcoal fire, which is why we always say, “Taste the Grilled Difference!”

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