Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop Wholesome Small-Batch Cookies

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Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop Wholesome Small-Batch Cookies

Small-Batch Cookies Made with Wholesome Ingredients from Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Here is an Easter Basket Idea to stuff those Easter baskets this year. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop has created gift boxes perfect for those Easter Baskets. Every year parents reach for the Reese’s and Cadbury eggs to stuff in Easter Baskets, but this year make the switch to these decadent circles of scrumptiousness that are made with the highest quality, clean, organic ingredients and baked with love.

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookies
Photo credit: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Signature Cookie Gift Boxes Feature Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop’s most popular cookies:

Lemon Sugar – These sparkling chewy lemon sugar cookies will surely brighten anyone’s day. You can pick your color of sugar sprinkles for a festive cookie.

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookies

Photo credit: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

S’mores – Who wouldn’t love these ooey, gooey, marshmallowy and chocolatey delights! Don’t have a fire to roast up your s’mores? No problem! Get your fix this summer with these irresistible s’more cookies! Graham flavored cookies are studded with chocolate and topped with a lightly toasted marshmallow. You get a little taste of summer in every bite. Bake with a gelatin free marshmallow – these vegetarian friendly s’more cookies are a treat that everyone can love!

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookies

Photo credit: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Amaretti – You will swear you are in a small village in Tuscany when you bite into one of these decadent morsels. These Italian inspired Amaretti cookies are naturally and dairy gluten-free with a rich almond flavor and light chewy texture similar to a macaron. Please note that these cookies are produced in a shared facility and may contain trace amounts of gluten.

Signature Chocolate Chip – And of course we can’t forget the most popular cookie. The Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with specks of vanilla throughout, big chunks of chocolate in every bite, and finished with homemade vanilla sea salt. Stop searching because you’ve just found the perfect chocolate chip cookie. It’s perfection in every way.

Or you can opt to treat them to the Spring Gift Box that includes:

Lemon Sugar


Special: Spring Party Cookies!

And in case you are needing a sweet for the Easter Dinner, consider the cookie pie option. With several flavors to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Especially if you order 2 or 3 to cover all cravings! Check out the Caramel Snickerdoole pie below. It’s soft, chewy and topped with house made honey caramel sauce! Each 8 inch pie serves 8 people.

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookies

Photo credit: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

These wholesome cookies will fit any holiday or celebration throughout the year. Shop and order cookies and cookie pies online!

About Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop:

The Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop was created by Susan Palmer in 2014, a native New Yorker who always had a passion for baking. Since she was a small child, you could find her side by side with her mom in the kitchen baking. . . you guessed it cookies! Soon enough Susan moved on from the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag recipes to her own creations and eventually winning the Brooklyn Cookie Takedown in 2011 and 2012. Spurred by her love of baking and the quest to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie this shop was born. Today we create the cookies you loved growing up with clean, natural and organic ingredients for a taste that just came out of your own home kitchen but with a quality you expect from your neighborhood bakery.

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