“Toats McGoats” is the Next Farm Feast From Chef Cooperatives

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“Toats McGoats” is the Next Farm Feast From Chef Cooperatives

San Antonio’s Chef Cooperatives Announces “Toats McGoats” to Benefit Goatilicious Dairy Farm

WHOSan Antonio’s Chef Cooperatives, a nonprofit comprised of well-known San Antonio chefs, has been instrumental in raising funds through their pop-up events to actively support the health and prosperity of South Central Texas farmers, ranchers and vintners, as well as the local communities. The Chefs have also been first responders, feeding these same communities during times of disaster.

Toats McGoats

WHATChef Cooperatives is happy to announce their next farm feast, this time to benefit New Braunfels goat dairy farm, Goatilicious, which sells fantastic goat cheese at farmers markets such as the Pearl Farms Market. Owners Robert and Claudia Ragels intend to use the funds to finish production on their Dairy. 

They currently have approximately 125 goats and produce a variety of cheeses, such as Chèvre, LaMancha Española (manchego-style Spanish cheese) Tomboy (Tomme-style farm cheese) and Feta, as well as milk, soap, face & body creams.

Toats McGoats

The Chef Cooperatives chefs will be incorporating Goatilicious’ cheeses into their farm-to-table dishes to create a one-of-a-kind menu, also sourcing from other local farms for meat and produce. 

“What I like about this event is all these chefs really understand food and are taking our cheese and turning it into spectacular dishes. I’m just amazed and pleased with the creativity,” said Robert Ragels. “We’re looking forward to supplying San Antonio with a lot of cave aged natural rind cheeses. We can produce hundreds of pounds of cheese a week.”

Toats McGoats

The Ragels initially started milking goats because of their son’s sensitivity to cow milk, but it was a blessing in disguise. Robert, who was diagnosed with PTSD in the military, began working with the goats as a form of therapy. “Having the animals helped me deal with it. It was a very peaceful thing. When having a stressful day, I go into the pen and lose myself with the animals. It’s the reason we’ve kept them so long,” said Robert. 

Guests of the event can also get in on a little goat time! They will be seated in the Hay Barn, with access to the milking goats, and if they’re lucky, might even get to play with some baby goats too.

Toats McGoats

Folks can donate directly to the farm at any time via Goatilicious’ GoFundMe page.


Sunday, May 19, 2019                    

1PM – 4PM


Goatilicious Dairy Farm (Ragels Ziegenhof)          

2850 Bunker St.

New Braunfels, TX 78132


Iverson Brownell of Fork and Garden

James T. Canter of Guerrilla Gourmet

Chris Cook of Special Leaf

Adrian Davila of Davila’s BBQ

Michael Grimes of Southern Grit Flavor

Tony Hernandez of BLISS

Tatu Herrera of Folklores Coffee House

Ian Lanphear of Naibor Supper Club

Teddy Liang

Joseph Thadeus Martinez of Silo Terrace Oyster Bar

Mike McAndrew of Lil’ Red’s Boiled Peanuts

Michael Miller of Madge’s Food Company

John O’Larnic of H-E-B plus!

Vanguelis Pablopulos of Pesto Ristorante-Olmos Park

Stephen Paprocki of Texas Black Gold Garlic

Toby Soto of Humo of San Antonio / Guerrilla Gourmet

Jeff Wayne White of Eastside Kitchenette

TICKETS: $55 per person – can be purchased online at: https://www.chefcooperatives.com/events

For more information on the Chef Cooperatives, visit www.chefcooperatives.com or call 210-725-2339 if you have questions or need to set up an interview. 

Toats McGoats Menu


Smoked Ham Hock and Molasses Boiled Peanuts

Family Style Dishes

~ Radish with pork butter powder, bread & butter pickled turnip Korean BBQ tater salad

~ Whole Smoked Chicken, apricot-chèvre, rosemary, citrus essence

~ Crisped Pork Belly Chicharron, smoked potato, tomato purée

~ Cast Iron Chicken & Biscuits

~ Pork Roulade stuffed with goat cheese and arugula, lemon basil cream sauce, creamy beet risotto

~ Applewood-Smoked Pork Ribs, BBQ sauce, sauerkraut

~ Cucumber Togarashi Nuoc Cham Salad, sweet corn, pork belly, maque choux

~ Ancho-Cherry Glazed Pulled Pork, fire-roasted street corn with cilantro- lime aioli, tajin, cotija cheese, masa crumble

~ Ostras de Humo Quemado

~ Barbecued Leeks dressed in Smoked Oysters and herbs

~ Burnt Stone Fruit with honey, goat cheese, nuts, charred arugula vinegar

~ Noodle Goat Fury Danzi Flat Noodles, chili sesame oil, dragon slaw, toasted cashews, goat cheese powder


~Strawberry Goat Cheese “Twinkies” with sweet herb candy 

~ Goatillicious Cheese Board, Chèvre, LaMancha Española (manchego-style Spanish cheese) Tomboy (Tomme-style farm cheese), Feta  

Local Wineries (sponsors)

Lost Draw Cellars, The Grower Project

Local Breweries (sponsors)

Alamo Beer, Left Hand Brewery, Freetail Brewery

Local Spirits (sponsors)

Madge’s Fermented Bloody Mary Mix Bar

Additional Sponsors

JJ & S Fresh Produce

Thrive Ibericus Pig Farm

Greener Pastures Chicken Farm

Groomer’s Seafood


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