Still Golden Social House has April Fools Gold

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Still Golden Social House has April Fools Gold

Pyrite Bar Pop Up Comes to Still Golden Social House San Antonio

Don’t be a fool, but be the first to experience true cocktail  service as it was intended. The mixology masterminds of the Boulevardier Group are hosting a  one-day-only​ ​Pyrite Bar Pop Up​ experience at Still Golden on Broadway. On ​April 1​, the casual  neighborhood hang will be transformed into a ​reservation-only bespoke cocktail experience​.  With a freshly suited up staff, and a an exciting new menu of intricate cocktails, the pop-up is a  cheeky preview of what’s to come at the reimagined Brooklynite later this year.    

Still Golden Social House

Owner Jeret Peña is known for his unique concepts and solid bar programs, and this summer  he’ll be announcing the rebirth of The Brooklynite near the historic Pearl Brewery in San  Antonio. Peña’s current concept, ​Still Golden​ was received by the city with glowing praise, and  the reimagined Brooklynite is his chance at the upscale concierge cocktail concept that’s been  brewing in his heart since his days at ​The Esquire Tavern.    

The new concept — set to launch this summer — will be nothing short of a religious cocktail  experience. This reservation-only lounge will hold 35 guests maximum, and offer elegant  touches like tableside garnish service, hand-cut ice cubes and menu curation with food  scientists. Peña has always managed to find innovative ways to bring the experience of a good  drink to the next level. And this manicured approach at the new Brooklynite will not disappoint.    

Still Golden Social House

Make your reservations for the Pyrite Pop Up today by contacting ​Still Golden​.  

Come get a taste of the gold at the one-day-only​ ​Pyrite Bar Pop Up​ experience at Still Golden on Broadway. The Boulevardier Group mixology masterminds will be shaking things up with their stellar cocktails and you don’t want to miss it. The fun begins at 4pm tonight but you need reservations for this party!

1900 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78215

Mon – Fri: 4pm – 2am
Sat: Noon – 2am
Sun: Noon – 2am

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