Cereal Killer Sweets Put Fun into Rice Crispy Treats

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Cereal Killer Sweets Put Fun into Rice Crispy Treats

Unique Novelty Flavored Rice Crispy Treats + Candy = Cereal Killer Sweets

The biggest & craziest rice crispy treats you will ever find! And with names like Berry Me Alive, Unicorn Swirl Cereal Killers, Triple Chocolate Cereal Killers & Nutella Surprise Cereal Killers, how can you possibly go wrong?

WHO:  Cereal Killer Sweets is a sweets shop located at 10501 Huebner Road in central San Antonio that creates gourmet novelty cereal treats, dubbed “Cereal Killers,” candies and more.

Cereal Killer Sweets

Formerly of Pink’s Popcorn, owner Megan Morales is the visionary behind Cereal Killer Sweets. After many years of running a local snack shop, she decided to pivot when customers fell in love with her cereal creations, which are perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, special & corporate events and more. Available for retail and wholesale. Additionally, one of the core missions of the company is to help our local community. Ten percent of all sales are donated to a local non-profits, such as Snack Pak 4 Kids.

Cereal Killer Sweets

Megan has over 15 years of experience in the baking and restaurant industries. “I worked in my Mom’s bakery, Sugar Hill Bakery, growing up. I baked cakes, cookies, brownies, made buttercream icing and all that jazz. I’ve also been a back of the house cook for various restaurants, but my main passion is pastry. I just love mixing sweet, spicy and salty!” said Megan. 

WHAT:  Cereal Killer Sweets is thrilled to announce the launch of their sweet new venture, showcasing a delicious array of gourmet novelty cereal treats or “Cereal Killers,” such as Unicorn Swirl, Berry Me Alive, Banana Pudding, Cookies N Cream, Nutella Surprise, Peanut Butter Cup, S’mores and Triple Chocolate, all available in a party pack. 

Cereal Killer Sweets

“I love how excited people get every time someone eats one of our Cereal Killers. They tell me a story that takes them all the way back to when they were kids making their own cereal treats with their Mom or Grandma,” says owner, Megan Morales. 


Cereal Killer Sweets

10501 Huebner Road  

San Antonio, TX 78240


Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm

Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm

Sunday, Closed 

About Cereal Killer Sweets

Cereal Killer Sweets offers a variety of novelty flavored rice crispy treats & unique candies!
Every purchase helps a non-profit at Cereal Killer Sweets! They donate a percentage of sales every month to their charity of the month!

They offer a variety of novelty sweets including giant rice crispy treats, candies & more! Their products are available in-store & online.

Interested in having them cater your next event? Their sweets are perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, special events & more. Inquire today how they can custom make your next dessert!

About Snack Pak 4 Kids

Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio is a weekend backpack program that began serving children at Lamar Elementary in September 2012. Modeled after a similar program in the Texas Panhandle that now serves over 8,000 children each week, Grace Northridge started SP4K in San Antonio because of their desire to be involved in an ongoing missional project along the Broadway corridor.

Since 2012, the program has doubled each year, with many local churches, civic organizations, businesses and private schools partnering to serve over 20 public schools in four school districts. We expect over 2,200 children across Bexar County will receive weekend food supplements each Friday during the current school year.

Snack Pak 4 Kids SA uses 100% of its donations to pay for food products, has no paid staff, and focuses on honoring the dignity of each child recipient. Teachers identify students who may be experiencing chronic hunger on the weekends. After parental/guardian permission is obtained, Snack Paks are distributed to the child each Friday, discreetly placed in the child’s backpack by their teacher.

Our supportive volunteer base numbers over 1,500 people (spanning all ages), demonstrating an amazing combined community effort to create food SECURITY for children.

For more information on Cereal Killer Sweets, please visit cerealkillersweets.com or facebook.com/cerealkillersweets or call 210.753.2032. 

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