CSI Soundcore Adds Beautifully Implemented Noise Control to Your Home

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CSI Soundcore Adds Beautifully Implemented Noise Control to Your Home

Contemporary Decor Ideas from CSI Soundcore™ That Are Winning In 2019

A New Year is the time to start afresh with many ideas left behind in the previous one and new ideas around you. For those who wanted to and thought about changing the décor of homes, there are lots of contemporary décor ideas that are winning in 2019.

Here are some new ideas for the New Year for you to try out.

  1. Basic Trend

The contemporary style of décor for 2019 will be trendy and bold at the same time. It will focus on lines, angles, forms and such. But, the lines will be rounded and soft rather than harsh and edged. The materials will be varied while the colors used will be bold and bright. Work around decorating your house with this basic principle in mind.


  1. Add Spaciousness

Space is really at a premium these days. It’s very difficult to get a house and rooms of the size and space you want. Make the best of what you have by giving the illusion of spaciousness. Try to use lightweight and less bulky furniture pieces.  Use neutral colors on walls and floors. Hang your wall art at a little height, not too much though, to give the impact of a high room. Another trick is to hang mirrors at strategic places to add volume to the room. Add space from corridors and other passages by making them look larger in the mirrors. Light up the rooms well. Dull and diffused lights are a no-no and also definitely not trending this year.


  1. Neutral Blend of colors

Though the contemporary look uses bright and bold colors, yet this is only to highlight the neutrality of all other shades. Tans and creams are a better option than plain whites. Add in a bit of grey, brown or black to highlight some particular corner, artifact, piece of furniture, tapestry, wall art, etc.  Too many dark shades make the room look smaller and overdone up. Keep it neutral for the classy and elegant look.

CSI Soundcore

Photo courtesy: CSI Soundcore™

Throw in a bright and colorful rug or door mat for that brightness. Use colorful and trendy knobs on drawers, tie up curtains with bright curtain ribbons or add a bit of lace.


  1. Soundproof House

Make your house sound proof to enjoy the privacy it gives you and the neighbors too. Keep away disturbing sounds from the traffic on the roads outside and the people moving about in your colonies and societies.  Make it work in the reverse too. Try paneling your house with beautiful and versatile noise control solutions. Like:

  • decorative acoustic panels
  • acoustic art panels
  • fabric wall tiles
CSI Soundcore

Photo courtesy: CSI Soundcore™

  1. Natural Styles

Fix wooden flooring and wooden panels with neutral shades. Get soundproof panels which will serve the dual purpose of absorbing unwanted sounds and decorate the rooms with durable and beautiful acoustic panel fabric or acoustic wood panels. They are very easy to clean and maintain in the long run.


  1. Light Vs Bulky Furniture

For that contemporary look to your home, place pieces of furniture which are sleek and lightweight. Avoid placing sofas and seating which are heavy and fully covered with fabric. Keep the legs visible to the eye. This will add space to the room and won’t make it look overcrowded with furniture. The same holds true for tables, cabinets, chest of drawers, stools, etc.


Another thing to keep in mind for the elegant look is to avoid very dark colors on the furniture fabrics. Go in for softer and neutral shades that blend with anything else that you may use to decorate the house.  There should be a smooth and glossy finish to the items.


Further, keep in mind that the contemporary décor is not sharp, but soft and blended. The tables and cabinets should have rounded edges and not sharp and pointed ones. Keep the looks of your house simple and smooth. Avoid extra decorations on the furniture legs and tops. These include engravings, carvings, and other adornments. Use steel or nickel with a natural shine on the legs of tables, knobs, and handles of doors and cabinets.


  1. Tiles and Ceilings

Days of chipped mosaic and marbles on the floor are passé. The new décor look has tiles in all hues and shades to beautify your house. Place them on floors or walls or even the ceiling. Choose from fabric wall tiles or decorative acoustic tiles. Take all eyes up to the beautiful designs for the ceilings and all eyes down for the shining and bright floors. Tiles are no longer only for the bathroom or the kitchen. Use them in all rooms of the house, the balconies, terraces etc.

CSI Soundcore

Photo courtesy: CSI Soundcore™

  1. Abstract Designs and Patterns

The contemporary décor uses less of floral, polka dots, stripes and such patterns. Go in for ethnic and abstract designs. Artist handmade paintings are also trending now. Mix and match designs, materials, and textures for that look.


  1. Appliances

Replace appliances in the kitchen and around your house. Donate or sell off the older ones.  Many would be buying new appliances for the first time. In any case, go in only for steel finish and sleek appliances. Avoid bulky and outdated versions. Add shine to your kitchen with that neutral look. Use the same principle for the faucets and other visible plumbing in the house.


  1. Be Grounded

Use items of furniture which are low and closer to the ground. High seats or beds are now replaced with low seats, beds, stools, and other seating arrangements.  Have slim and sleek legs on these pieces.


Try out all these ideas. But remember to supplement them with a regular routine of de-cluttering. Ruthlessly do away with clutter like broken and useless items like clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances, crockery and cutlery, linen, drapes and much more. Keep only simple, beautiful, and useful possessions in the house.

Make up for the missed out opportunities and change the face of your homes. Bring in the new and do away with a lot that is old. Welcome the New Year with freshness and newness. Enjoy the year ahead!


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