La Panadería Bakes King Cake for Fat Tuesday

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La Panadería Bakes King Cake for Fat Tuesday

Fun, Traditional Treat for Fat Tuesday is the Colorful King Cake at La Panaderia

Fat Tuesday (March 5) is around the corner – the time of the year when you are looking for places to find fun, traditional treats such as colorful King Cake. Now there is finally an excuse to ditch those New Year’s resolutions and indulge; locals can do so by heading to San-Antonio-based bakery, La Panadería. The restaurant/bakery is run by Mexican brothers José and David Cáceres who have always – and will always – continue to embrace bread cultura (culture).


La Panadería (with two locations downtown and in Alamo Heights) is already known to provide San Antonians with their tortas, conchas, pan dulce and Rosca De Reyes fix all year long. For the first time ever, the bakery will be preparing a San Antonio spin on New Orleans’ traditional purple, green and gold colored King Cake. La Panadería’s ‘King Cake Rosca’ is their original Rosca de Reyes recipe with a twist: the sweet cake is covered with bright Mardi Gras-colored icing, sprinkles and filled with chocolate chips inside. For those who wish to fill up for Fat Tuesday, the special cake will be available starting February 25 through mid March. 

La Panadería King Cake

Rosca De Reyes
Photos credited to Giant Noise

La Panadería King Cake

Photos credited to Giant Noise


301 E Houston St San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 592-6264

Alamo Heights

8305 Broadway St San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 375-6746

About La Panaderia

Brothers José and David Cáceres opened bakery-cafe La Panadería in 2014 to share their Mexican heritage and love for baking with the people of their adopted hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

La Panadería, which specializes in making handmade bread and pan dulce inspired by Mexico’s Golden Era, or Epoca de Oro, also draws influence from French, Italian and American breadmaking techniques. La Panadería’s unique approach to breadmaking includes a 48-hour fermentation process that results in artisan baked goods unlike any other. The attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere found at La Panaderia have quickly made the bakery and café a staple in the Alamo City.

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