Handcrafted Coffee Liquor made Deep in the Heart of Texas

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Handcrafted Coffee Liquor made Deep in the Heart of Texas

Handcrafted Coffee Liquor from Texas with Love

Texas has been growing in the spirits world in recent years with distilleries for whiskey, vodka, tequila and even gin popping up all over the Lone Star State. But Caffe del Fuego, a new spirit on the block, is the first coffee liquor to enter the market.

Handcrafted Coffee Liquor

Yes, you read that right! Caffe del Fuego isn’t the usual coffee liqueur that we have enjoyed adding to our coffee drinks for years. This liquor is made with the simplest of ingredients, a proprietary blend of freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee beans, pure cane sugars, the best of the bourbon vanilla world and charcoal filtered grain neutral spirits. And because it’s made with way less sugar, you won’t get a sticky sweet taste. In fact, there is only enough sweet to enhance the flavor.

Handcrafted Coffee Liquor

Chris Roberts, Director of Operation and Master Blender & Alison Kaufman Director of Sales and Brand Strategy with Remington Family Distillers

I had the opportunity to meet up with Mark Koelsch, President/founder, Chris Roberts, Director of Operation and Master Blender & Alison Kaufman Director of Sales and Brand Strategy all with Remington Family Distillers at the 2019 San Antonio Cocktail Conference that took place in downtown San Antonio this past January. I found them serving up coffee drinks to morning conference attendees in conjunction with Pulp Coffee, where they were making a big splash. To make it through a long day of meetings I needed a bump of caffeine with a bit of Caffe del Fuego. While sipping on my morning cup, I chatted with Mark and found out that he and his cousin Peter founded Remington Family Distillers in Austin, Texas in 2013. With a passion for both quality spirits and coffee, they started making their liquor based on a recipe shared by an old Italian gentleman and friend named Vincent Perry. (You can find out more about Vincent on the back label on the bottle.) They started their company with their core brand of premium coffee liquor called Caffe del Fuego (loosely meaning fire coffee).

This rich flavored liquor is made using some of the finest roasted coffee beans in the world from Austin Roasting Company. Every batch of their liquor is made with freshly brewed coffee along with the other premium ingredients mentioned above. Allowing these ingredients to age gives them time to come together in a beautiful way for a delectable drink. Upon tasting this liquid, you will not only notice the rich coffee profile but delicate hints of dark caramel with lingering dark chocolate. Caffe del Fuego can be enjoyed neat out of the bottle, straight up over ice, think iced coffee with benefits, or with cream for a wonderful Fuego Lebowski! (Find the recipe below.)


Fuego Lebowski

Handcrafted Coffee Liquor


Half and Half


Call it the Fuego Blanco if you must but either way this is Peter’s fave all day long. Pour 4-5 ounces of Fuego over ice, add a splash of high quality half n half, give it a stir, put your feet up and your worries will slide away. We promise.

You can find Caffe del Fuego at many liquor stores, including Specs, Twin Liquor and Total Wine and More. Go here to find a location near you!

This spirit is big, bright and bold just like its home state!

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