Lucy Meifield Chocolate is Meant to be Enjoyed Slowly

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Lucy Meifield Chocolate is Meant to be Enjoyed Slowly

Lucy Meifield Chocolate Needs to be Enjoyed Slowly to Awaken Its Flavors

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Oh yes, I love chocolate! Especially artisanal chocolate like Lucy Meifield. So I was elated to be asked to try their product. Once the package arrived I had to keep the family away from it until I could snap pictures.

These beautifully wrapped bean-to-bar chocolates take wonderful images. Images of still life flowers by artists Jim Chillington, Inna Savenko and Angela Cox envelop these fine confections letting everyone know they are special.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

Owners Sara Lucy Saelens & Brecht Meifield Saelens have been passionate about creating an excellent product from the beginning of their venture. They also believe in keeping their chocolate in the simplest form. Therefore they use no lecithins, vegetable oils, artificial flavors, preservatives, or unsavory additives. Each bean-to-bar product is single origin.

Keeping things minimal allows the consumer to experience the full expression of the chocolate. I suggest you savor each bar like I did. Don’t eat it quickly like other bars. Take a bite and allow it to sit and slowly melt on your palate. By doing this I was able to slowly allow the flavors of the decadent chocolate to come through. They say chocolate, similar to wine, has many layers of expression. Taking my time with these bars let me find & explore all their flavors. I even closed my eyes so as to take my other senses out of play for a moment. I wanted to just be with the variances of flavors. I invite you to try this way of tasting and see what you learn.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

Lucy Meifield chocolate tastes delicious. They take pride in using quality ingredients like the best cacao and non-GMO cane sugar processed in vegan certified facilities. No other flavorings, additives or lecithins are added to these bars. Their milk chocolates also contain cocoa butter and milk powder. That’s it, nothing else is added.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate also makes sure their cacao is responsibly sourced, so they work with importers that they know work closely with their suppliers and pay fair prices. For instance, Enliven Cacao (where they get their Nicaragua beans) is a good example of an importer that works with only one farming community and sends money back to the co-op to help them build better roads, etc. I like knowing they give back to these co-ops. Some of their beans are organic, Belize & Nicaragua, however they have forgone certification to keep prices down. Enjoying a wonderful chocolate at an affordable price is always a win, win in my opinion.

The Bars I tried were:

  • Guatemala (70% Cacao) a dark chocolate. This bar contained only cacao from Guatemala and non-GMO cane sugar. This bar was rich, smooth and lightly sweetened. Look for flavors like dark cherries, roasted pecans and dried dated on the palate.
  • Dark Milk (60% Cacao) a dark milk chocolate. This bar contained cacao, non-GMO cane sugar, cocoa butter, and milk powder. The beans in this bar were from Ecuador. Watch for flavors of smoky with hints of allspice and roasted nuts.
  • Milk Chocolate (50% Cacao) a lighter chocolate containing cacao, non-GMO cane sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder. The beans in this bar were also from Ecuador. See if you get hints of marshmallow, caramel or praline on the palate in this flavorful milk chocolate!

In addition to the above bars their product line includes:

  • Nicaragua (70%)
  • Belize (70%)
  • Ecuador (70%)


If you are looking for stocking stuffers this holiday, have chocolate aficionados on your gift list or you like small-batch artisanal chocolates from a chocolatier with integrity and a passion for excellence, I suggest you consider Lucy Meifield Chocolate.

Lucy Meifield Chocolate

You can buy these fine chocolates at Lucy Meiflied Chocolate online. Or if you live in the New York area you can purchase them here.

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