Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer From Professional Secrets

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Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer From Professional Secrets

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer Hits the Market in Time for Holidays

**Full Disclosure: I received product to test in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

This ultimate kitchen thermometer, inspired by professional chefs needing the perfect kitchen thermometer, is now available to home chefs helping them to go pro in their own kitchen. My Professional Secrets thermometer came packaged in a unique wooden case making it a wonderful way to house a holiday gift! Just wrap it in festive paper and it’s ready to give.

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer

Shipping package

This device was developed in close collaboration with professional chefs and outstanding designers in Sweden. This sleek thermometer works both fast and accurately using the thinnest probe imaginable to gauge whatever you are cooking. And the readout display on the top allows for easy and quick readings. No more waiting for the readout to reach the proper temperature or trying to read small gauges. You can alternate between Celsius or Fahrenheit easily too. One thing I found very helpful is that the readout display is a big printout at the top to the device facing the cook. And it flips (like the screen on a cell phone) and adapts to the chef, in all kitchens, in all situations. So whether you are measuring food in a pan, in an oven, in a fridge, in a bowl, you can easily read the display. I have never seen any other thermometer do this! Ever! I also like that it has an easy grip handle.

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer


Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer

large decimal readout

Cooking food at improper temperatures can not just give you bad results but can also be a health hazard! And the only way to assure you are reaching the proper temperatures is with a good, reliable thermometer.“At Professional Secrets we make tools from the professional kitchen available to all cooks. But we were unable to find a dedicated thermometer for chefs – so we created it ourselves,” said Niklas Wakeus, CEO and founder.

Watch a demo of this Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer here:

With this thermometer, you can measure any food in seconds and the large decimal numbers are so easy to read. No need to run get your reader glasses. Thank you! The industrial quality probe is extremely thin – measuring only 1,2 mm/0,047 inches – and causes minimal damage to sensitive food. It is extra long, enabling measurements in large roasts, breads, or even a big turkey.

I would say that a good thermometer is probably the most important tool in any kitchen, commercial or home. Cooking is an act of love, but what happens on a molecular level when food is subjected to heat, or cold, has to do with physics and chemistry. To get this science (cooking) to come out perfect takes a high quality thermometer, something every chef acknowledges.

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer

Readout in food

The Professional Secrets thermometer comes with a protective click-on sheath to guard the thin, sensitive probe when not in use. The probe is easily cleaned with water. Not dishwasher safe! The thermometer is powered by 2 AAA batteries, included with the device.

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer

Thermometer & sheath

The exciting news is this must-have device is available now just in time for the holidays. So if you have a chef on your gift list, I suggest you consider this much-needed kitchen essential. Then be sure you order a second one for yourself, as you will want one for your kitchen also. Where to buy.

Ultimate Kitchen Thermometer


Distinguishing features

The thermometer is stunning to look at, but the design is rational and practical from the chef’s perspective:

Thin probe (1.2 mm/0.05”) leaves food intact
Very fast and very accurate
Display on top for easy readings in C° or F°
Display flips to accommodate cook
Decimals reveal temperature change IRT
Water resistant for easy cleaning
Smart, protective clip-on sheath

Length thermometer: 229 mm/9”
Length probe: 96 mm/3,8”
Diameter probe: 1,2mm/0,047”

Be a boss in your own kitchen!

About Professional Secrets

With the help of outstanding chefs Professional Secrets have built probably Europe’s largest database on cooking, making tips and tools from the professional kitchens available for everyone who loves to cook – hoping to inspire more home cooks to create great food made from scratch with fresh ingredients. Go here to find other tips, tools and advice from Professional Secrets.

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