Lone Star Celebrates Live Fire Cooking With Jess Pryles

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Lone Star Celebrates Live Fire Cooking With Jess Pryles

Lone Star Celebrates Texas Live Fire Cooking With Jess Pryles the Hardcore Carnivore

Lone Star celebrates Texas live fire cooking with Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore partnership. Lone Star Brewing Co., the brewer behind Lone Star Beer and Lone Star Texas Light, today announced its partnership with Jess Pryles, the Hardcore Carnivore, as an official spokesperson and advocate for Texas live fire cooking.

“I could not be more excited for this partnership since Lone Star Beer has always been my beer of choice,” said Jess Pryles, creator of Hardcore Carnivore. “I am proud to be working alongside Lone Star to honor the Texas traditions of live fire cooking.”

“Jess Pryles is a great addition to the Lone Star brand family,” said Lone Star Brewing Co. Brand Manager, Elkin Vasco. “Our goal is to collaborate on authentically Texan recipes and offerings that live fire cooking enthusiasts and Lone Star Beer advocates will truly enjoy. And to celebrate this announcement, we will be giving away 10 signed copies of the Hardcore Carnivore cookbook this holiday season.”

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Lone Star Celebrates

Lone Star Celebrates Live Fire Cooking With Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore

Lone Star Brewing Co. has a long history of supporting local pit-masters, chefs, BBQ cooking teams, and food festivals throughout the state. Whether it be grilling in the backyard, smoking brisket at a barbecue or searing a steak, Lone Star’s salutes those who enjoy live fire cooking. Below is an official recipe from Lone Star Beer and Hardcore Carnivore for intended use during the holidays.

Lone Star Holiday Beer Brine

Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore®

(Suitable for a 10-12lb turkey, scale up as needed)

– 64 oz Lone Star Beer

– 192 oz water (1.5 gallons)

– 2.5 cups pickling salt

– 2 cups brown sugar

– 6-8 allspice or juniper berries

– 2 T whole peppercorns

– 3 bay leaves (dried or fresh)

– 3 cloves garlic, peeled

Place water in a pan over medium low heat and add salt and sugar. Whisk/stir until the crystals are dissolved, then allow the mixture to cool. Add remaining ingredients. Submerge turkey and brine for 12-16 hours. Rinse before cooking.

“This brine is perfect for any poultry you may be making during the holiday season. The trick is to use pickling salt, which dissolves easily into the liquid,” said Pryles. For book contest details visit @lonestarbeer and @hardcorecarnivore on Instagram.

Lone Star Celebrates

Lone Star Celebrates Live Fire Cooking With Jess Pryles, Hardcore Carnivore

About Lone Star Brewing Company

Lone Star Brewing Co., the makers of Lone Star Beer, “The National Beer of Texas,” and Lone Star Texas Light, has been proudly brewing beer in Texas since 1884. Since its founding, Lone Star has partnered with the local communities throughout the state, and continues to support Texas-specific charities and organizations. Lone Star Brewing Co. is owned by Pabst Brewing Company, the largest independently owned American brewery. For more information, please visit www.lonestarbeer.com.

About Jess Pryles

Jess Pryles is a cook, author, TV host and a professional Hardcore Carnivore®. Her expertise lies in all things red meat. She creates dynamic original recipes with a Southern and Tex-Mex twist, and is also a respected authority on low’n’slow smoked meats, particularly Texas style barbecue. Jess is a co-founder of the Australasian Barbecue Alliance and creator of the internationally-acclaimed line of meat and steak seasoning rub, Hardcore Carnivore®. For more information, please visit www.jesspryles.comhttps://hardcorecarnivore.com/.


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