First Miracle Pop Up Bar Landing in San Antonio

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First Miracle Pop Up Bar Landing in San Antonio

First Miracle Pop-Up Bar Pastiche will Transform with Nostalgic Holiday Décor for Miracle on Houston Street

Opening up on Black Friday (11/23) through December 30th, Pastiche will transform with nostalgic holiday décor and a signature cocktail menu with new cocktails like the Snowball Old Fashioned”(Butterscotch Rye, Spiced Demerara, Wormwood Bitters, Orange Zest) and “Christmas Carol Barrel” (Aged Rum, Aquavit, Amaro, Pumpkin Pie, Demerara Syrup, Lime, Vanilla, Angostura Bitters).

Miracle on Houston Street

1506 E Houston, San Antonio, TX 78202

Open from 4 PM – 2 AM Daily

In addition to Miracle at Houston Street, Miracle is popping up in several Texas bars, including:

    • Austin, TX – Miracle on 5th Street at The Eleanor (by The Roosevelt Room)
    • Austin, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City*
    • Dallas, TX – Miracle by Hide
    • Fort Worth, TX – Miracle in Cowtown (at Proper)
    • Galveston, TX – Miracle on the Island (at Daiquiri Time Out)
  • Houston, TX – Sippin’ Santa by Lei Low Bar*

*Indicates a Sippin’ Santa location, Miracle’s tiki-themed Christmas bar

First Miracle Pop-Up Bar

Christmas Carol Barrel – First Miracle Pop-Up Bar

Miracle, the beloved Christmas-themed pop-up bar launched in 2014 in New York City, will continue spreading holiday cheer around the globe in 2018, as the brand celebrates its five-year anniversary. This year, Miracle will launch in over 80 locations around the world with Sippin’ Santa expanding to multiple locations in partnership with notable tiki-connoisseur Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.

Launching the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 23rd, Miracle locations throughout the United States and beyond will offer seasonally-themed cocktails in a festive setting through New Year’s Eve, Monday December 31st, 2018. Miracle will return to its original hometown of New York City and will expand to two locations due to popular demand. The addition of a new and improved Miracle location on 12th street will allow guests and larger groups the opportunity to secure future reservations and the opportunity to book events in the famed holiday bar concept.

Miracle creator Greg Boehm and long-time manager Joann Spiegel are pleased to be able to continue expanding the concept to new cities across the U.S. and to locations in Europe, Asia and Central America.

First Miracle Pop-Up Bar

First Miracle Pop-Up Bar – Snowball Old Fashioned

“The growth of Miracle and the love that guests have for this concept has been completely amazing,” says manager Joann Spiegel. “Our partnership with Jeff ‘Beachbum Berry’ will be a fun and new way to elevate our Sippin’ Santa locations this year as the love of tiki continues to grow in the U.S. Our partners across the world continually overwhelm us with their creativity and festive good spirits, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of our locations in 2018.”

Spiegel, together with esteemed bartender Nico de Soto of Mace and Danico, have created the much buzzed about roster of Christmas concoctions served at all Miracle locations, from favorites such as the Snowball Old Fashioned (Gingerbread Bourbon, Wormwood Bitters, Lemon Zest) to newcomers including Christmas Carol Barrel (Aged Rum, Aquavit, Amaro, Pumpkin Pie, Demerara Syrup, Lime, Vanilla, Angostura Bitters) and the And A Partridge In A Pear Tree (Reposado Tequila, Pear Brandy, Mezcal, Spiced Demerara Syrup, Lime, Egg White, Club Soda, Angostura Bitters, Cinnamon). All cocktails will be served in Cocktail Kingdom®’s custom Miracle glassware, from mugs to coupes, highballs and rocks glasses. Many locations will have these items available for purchase with Miracle donating 10% of select glassware sales to Action Against Hunger – making the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, described as one of Imbibe magazine’s “25 most influential Cocktail Personalities of the Past Century”, alongside award-winning bartender Brad Smith, has created tiki holiday-themed cocktails that will be center stage at all Sippin Santa locations. This year’s roster includes drinks like the Kris Kringle Colada (Dark Jamaican Rum, Cynar, Allspice, Lime & Pineapple Juice and Cream of Coconut) and Hawaiian Milk Punch (Bourbon, Cream, Chai Syrup, Sarsaparilla and Tobacco Bitters, Nutmeg). Sippin’ Santa will pop-up in none other than Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29 in New Orleans, in addition to tiki locations in Chicago, Sacramento, Washington D.C., Detroit, Cleveland, Houston, Springfield, and at Boilermaker in New York City, the original outpost for the concept.

First Miracle Pop-Up Bar

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

About Miracle

What is Miracle?
Miracle is a Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar that serves holiday cocktails in a festive setting. With kitschy holiday décor, professionally-developed cocktails and the nostalgic energy of the best office party you’ve ever been to, Miracle is sure to get even the grouchiest grinch in the holiday spirit.

The concept for Miracle was born five years ago, when upon the advice of his mother, Greg Boehm decided to halt construction of what was to be his new East Village cocktail bar Mace to transform the unfinished space into a pop-up bar serving holiday-themed drinks among festive décor. As crowds swarmed the NYC location, Boehm’s friends throughout the bar industry asked how they could recreate the holiday magic in their own bars and expansion became inevitable. Over the past few years, Miracle has expanded from 4 locations to over 50 in 2017. In 2018, Miracle in conjunction with Sippin’ Santa will reach a total of over 90 locations internationally at some of the most highly revered cocktail establishments around the world.

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All 2018 Miracle Partners found here (As of October 30, 2018 / List subject to change)

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