Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event – The Daughters Rise Again Tour

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Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event – The Daughters Rise Again Tour

Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event – The Daughters Rise Again : A Tour to Die For

The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, Alamo Mission Chapter is hosting an official SA 300 Tricentennial event called “The Daughters Rise Again – A Tour to Die For!” The event honors San Antonio’s 300th birthday. Enjoy the cocktail party auction launch on Oct 18 and the cemetery guided tour Nov 1st. Public welcome!


The Alamo Mission Chapter (AMC) of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) in participation with the SA 300 Tricentennial Committee, will host “The Daughters Rise Again, A Tour to Die For!” on November 1st.  Join the DRT on this tour which will escort you back in history as you are guided through some of San Antonio’s oldest cemeteries. Come and discover some of the citizens, veterans, and entrepreneurs that helped shape San Antonio as well as Texas into this great place we continue to enjoy.  Participants will meet at the Guenther House starting at 8:30 am.  Members of The Professional Tour Guide Association of San Antonio, along with DRT Hostesses, will be aboard each chartered tour bus to share historical facts during the short drive to the cemeteries.  Cemeteries to be visited include Saint Mary’s, Odd Fellows, Alamo Masonic Lodge Cemetery, City Cemetery Number One and the Confederate Cemetery.  Tour participants will visit the gravesites of important San Antonio citizens such as Susan Fisk Roach, Juan Vargas, Samuel Walker, Addison Gillespie, Mary Menger, Dorothea Guenther, Samuel Maverick, Hamilton Bee and Rip Ford.  At the cemetery, participants will be met by costumed historic interpreters portraying these notable citizens.  Participants have the choice of participating in the cemetery tour only, or attending the tour and a special luncheon at the Guenther House.  Tickets for the cemetery tour and for the tour with luncheon are available on the AMC website


In addition to the tour, The Daughters of the Republic of Texas Alamo Mission Chapter and SAY Sí cordially invite you to the:

“The Daughters Rise Again Tour” Skull Collection Cocktail Party and Auction Launch

The Alamo Mission Chapter DRT has always been interested in partnering with groups who help further education for future generations.  For this particular event AMC is partnering with SAY Sí, a tuition free creative youth development program that provides students in San Antonio opportunities to develop artistic and social skills.  SAY Sí students will be decorating seven artificial clay skulls for table centerpieces which will be auctioned at the luncheon.  A portion of the proceeds will go to the SAY Sí  scholarship funds.

Below are 3 clay skulls which will be included in the tour. These clay skulls will be auctioned off and a portion of that money will be contributed to the SAY Si Scholarship Fund.  The students who decorated the skulls were selected by representatives of SAY Si.

Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event

Artist Chabriely Rivera

Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event

Artist Frances Baca

Official SA 300 Tricentennial Event

Artist Julia Rodriguez

About the Alamo Mission Chapter, DRT: Alamo Mission Chapter holds one of the oldest DRT charters and was founded in 1906. The chapter hosts several traditional ceremonies in San Antonio throughout the year including Texas Independence Day on March 2nd, Alamo Heroes Day on March 6, in honor of the defenders of the Alamo, and the annual Pilgrimage to the Alamo, which is an official FIESTA San Antonio and Tricentennial event, honoring past and present defenders of freedom.  For more information about Alamo Mission Chapter – DRT, please visit our website at


About the Daughters of the Republic of Texas: The Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) is a nonprofit lineage organization, which perpetuates the memory and spirit of Texas pioneers. Organized in 1891, its mission continues to encourage historical research and preservation of its properties some of which include the Cradle, the Republic of Texas Museum and DRT Headquarters.  The almost 7,000 members, representing 109 chapters nationwide, are guardians of the heritage of the Republic of Texas. For more information, go to


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