ChocZero Brings You Delightful Fall Sweets Minus the Sugar Crash

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ChocZero Brings You Delightful Fall Sweets Minus the Sugar Crash

ChocZero Makes Rich, Decadent Products That are Sugar Free and Taste Awesome

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Step into Fall with ChocZero! Imagine rich, decadent dark chocolate that tastes awesome, is sugar free and has no weird after taste. Or how about a delicious Maple Syrup with NO sugar for those morning pancakes. When I was asked to give these products a try, I was all in. Who doesn’t want syrup or chocolate without the sugar crash, right!

Of course, like many of you, I went into this a bit skeptical. I have tried many low-calorie products. Some have a weird taste or texture, some use sugar alcohol causing a bit, or more, of intestinal distress and some were just plain horrible. So, I had pretty much given up the search for a “good” tasting chocolate and just limited my indulgence to a small piece of dark chocolate every once in a while.

After trying ChocZero Dark Chocolate Keto Bars, I was truly surprised that someone actually came up with a better solution for us chocoholics than just ignoring our favorite treat. This chocolate gives me all the things I like about this sweet treat without adding what I don’t. The cocoa taste is rich, inviting and satisfying. There is just enough sweetness to tame the bitterness of the chocolate. The sweetness in this bar is from monk fruit, a low glycemic index natural sugar replacement. These bars are low carb and completely sugar free; no other sugars, no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners are used. This chocolate is rich, decadent and satisfies my craving. I tried both the ChocZero Dark Chocolate Keto Bar with Almonds and the ChocZero Dark Chocolate Keto Bar with Hazelnuts. Each box of ChocZero Keto Bark contains 6 individually wrapped (6-ounce bars). I loved them both.


Need more reasons to love them. These bars are:

  • Fair-trade premium cocoa beans from South America.
  • 100% stone-ground chocolate for a unique texture.
  • Sugar free with no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with ChocZero’s unique monk fruit and fiber blend, and their chocolate has zero glycemic impact making it perfect for diabetics.
  • Low carb: only 2-3g net carbs per ounce depending on the nut or seed! Perfect for those on the keto lifestyle and other low carb diets.
  • Antioxidant rich and good for your waistline!
  • All natural, non-GMO, gluten free. Made proudly in the USA.


ChocZero is the #1 selling chocolate on Amazon and there’s a reason why. This chocolate may be sugar-free, but it doesn’t skimp out on taste.

ChocZero didn’t stop their creativity of making delicious sugar-free product at chocolate. They have a line of syrups (12 flavors in all) including a maple that is pure heaven for maple lovers. Really, what’s a pancake or waffle without maple syrup? In my opinion, it would be just bread! This maple syrup, which I tried, is thick, rich and has wonderful maple flavor, again without the sugar rush. In fact, this is the only sugar free maple syrup that’s thick, rich, and completely free from sugar alcohol. This maple syrup is an instant classic, all-natural maple extract paired with their exclusive monk fruit and soluble vegetable fiber blender and nothing else. Perfect to replace sugar at the breakfast table or to use in recipes to caramelize foods and sweeten baked goods! Yes, it will be an excellent way to sweeten your fall recipes while giving them that delicious maple flavor.



Things I love about ChocZero Maple Syrup:

  • 1g net carb per serving. GMO free, low carb, and all natural.
  • The ONLY maple syrup on the market without sugar or sugar alcohols! ChocZero exclusively uses monk fruit, a low glycemic index natural sugar replacement.
  • No preservatives: they don’t use water to dilute their syrup. This also means they’re THICK and RICH!
  • They use monk fruit to sweeten their syrup. Perfect for the keto lifestyle and other low carb diets.


About ChocZero: 

ChocZero is on a mission to transform the sugar-free world by providing products that taste great and are healthy too.

ChocZero is a gluten free, soy free, and sugar alcohol-free company. They use an exclusive monk fruit formula to make a line of products with absolutely no added sugar for the everyday sugar-free individual’s life.

Enjoy the taste of decadent chocolate that all chocoholics crave, but with a keto-approved approach. You can count on these products to be low on carbs, but highly delicious!

From sugar-free syrups to chocolate bark to dipping chocolate cups, there are endless savory options to fulfill that sweet tooth without sacrificing your health. ChocZero can be found on Or you can buy it online here!

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