San Marcos is Grabbing a Duck to Keep Up With the Flock

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San Marcos is Grabbing a Duck to Keep Up With the Flock

San Marcos is Grabbing a Blue Duck eScooter for Quicker Transit Around Campus

Photo credit: Blue Duck Scooters

San Marcos has Blue Duck fever and is starting to catch up with the San Antonio flock! San Antonio-based startup, Blue Duck Scooters, released their eco-friendly eScooters in San Marcos and near the Texas State University campus. Blue Duck is the first company to launch eScooters in the San Marcos market, believing this transportation system should be available for all, especially students.

San Marcos

San Marcos has Blue Duck fever

Within just several hours, Blue Duck saw a significant increase in eScooters usage at the Texas State University campus, but the eScooters were quickly and illegally removed by university officials. Blue Duck is disappointed that its eScooters were removed as one of the company’s core missions is to provide alternative modes of transportation for students seeking convenient ways to navigate large university campuses.


Blue Duck Scooters are still available in San Marcos and near the university campus. Blue Duck looks forward to working together with the Texas State University community to revise this situation.

San Marcos

San Marcos has Blue Duck fever


“Students looking to arrive to class and extracurricular activities in a quicker manner or simply travel around their favorite places by school are encouraged to take action and petition to allow Blue Duck Scooters to remain at Texas State. Blue Duck Scooters benefit students and commuters by offering a fast, fun and affordable transit option to ditch their car.”



Blue Duck Scooters is a dockless eScooter company based in San Antonio, TX. The company provides a quick, fun, and economically sustainable mode of transportation in urban centers. Ducks are green, rechargeable, electrically driven alternatives that provide a valuable rideshare option. Ducks are a convenient mode of transportation in areas where traditional vehicle traffic is limited. Users can access a Blue Duck Scooter by downloading the free Blue Duck app; Ducks are rented at a rate of $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute. What sets the Blue Duck apart from other companies is its community-driven values. The company has long invested in the local community and is committed to improving the public transportation system for the citizens of San Antonio. The company collects its eScooters each evening, charging the Ducks overnight and delivering them in the morning to accessible locations. Blue Duck is committed to working with surrounding communities and universities to integrate its latest technology in a safe and effective manner. For more information, follow Blue Duck Scooters on Twitter: @flyblueduck, on Facebook and Instagram: @blueduckscooters, or visit them on the web at

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