Devils River Whiskey is Seeking New Adventure in the River City

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Devils River Whiskey is Seeking New Adventure in the River City

Devils River Whiskey is Fixing to Quench San Antonio’s Thirst

**Full Disclosure: I was invited to preview Devils River Whiskey Distillery’s new location opening in San Antonio mid 2019 for a post. All opinions are my own.

Devils River Bourbon Whiskey captures the untamable spirit of the Devils River. And now this new whiskey is coming to town and it’s itching to capture the spirit of the River City. Devils River Whiskey Distillery is moving to San Antonio and will be be housed in the historic (1919) downtown Burns Building located at 401 Houston St. This is soon to become San Antonio’s hottest new whiskey spot since prohibition!

Devils River Whiskey

Devils River Whiskey Distillery under construction in San Antonio

Devils River Whiskey, founded in 2017, is being produced in Dallas at this time but plans are already underway to move the distillery; stills, bottling facility, barrel storage and offices to San Antonio sometime mid 2019. Construction of the building is already taking place. They also have plans to include a bar/tasting room for people to come in, learn about the whiskey and have a cocktail. An outdoor patio facing Houston Street is in the plans as well with ceiling fan, misters, and heaters depending on the weather. The patio will have a bandstand with live music for guest enjoyment while sipping this bold, small batch whiskey.

Of course, you can use this whiskey in many cocktails, but it is best enjoyed straight up, or with either a splash of water or neat over ice. Or use there unique chilling stones found at Amazon!

Devils River Whiskey

This sinfully smooth whiskey talks a good game and it should. It has captured much attention in international whiskey competitions. To date they have brought home 5 gold medals:

  • DENVER INTERNATIONAL, Gold Medal – One of the best premium small batch bourbons 10 years and younger
  • LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL, Gold Medal – One of the best small batch bourbons aged up to 10 years
  • THE FIFTY BEST, Gold Medal – One of the best premium bourbons
  • SIP AWARDS, Gold Medal – Consumer’s choice for one of the best bourbon aged under 10 years
  • SIP AWARDS PACKAGE DESIGN, Gold Medal – Consumer’s choice for one of the best bourbon bottle and label designs

There are three whiskies in the Devils River lineup:

Their Bourbon Whiskey – A small batch whiskey that is smooth yet bold, capturing the spirit of the river that flows through it.

Their Rye Whiskey –  A small batch whiskey that’s a little spicier than Devils River Bourbon because the rye grain is known for its spicy, warm flavor.

Their Barrel Strength – This full strength whiskey is straight from the barrel. Devils River Bourbon Barrel Strength is a 117-proof whiskey, therefore bold and not for the faint of heart. It’s meant to be enjoyed like it is.

Devils River Whiskey can be found in most liquor retailers in and around San Antonio! Find a location near you here!

Watch for their grand opening mid 2019!

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram @DevilsRWhiskey.

Devils River Whiskey

About Devils River Whiskey

A part of the Rio Grande basin system, the Devils River is remote and wild, demanding respect for the raw power of its waters and the rugged beauty of its landscape. The river’s naturally filtered limestone spring water is considered the purest water in Texas.

Pure water is what makes Devils River Whiskey the decorated, smooth small batch whiskey you enjoy today. Legendary Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays named this powerful waterway the ‘Devils River’ in 1840, and from his ingenuity, our namesake was born. The iron-free, sweet spring water is ideal for crafting an unrivaled Sinfully Smooth Whiskey. It’s purity unmasks all the delightful nuances we worked tirelessly to emphasize in every sip. Here’s to living a life that’s never short of extraordinary. Devils River Whiskey.

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