Get Free Coffee Every Hour on National Coffee Day

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Get Free Coffee Every Hour on National Coffee Day

Get Free Coffee Every Hour from Eight O’Clock Coffee on National Coffee Day

Get free coffee September 29th on National Coffee Day! Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s original gourmet coffee, is celebrating by giving away free coffee!


And not just a free cup of coffee like some brands… Eight O’Clock is giving away a free bag of coffee each hour from 8am to 8pm Eastern on the brand’s official Facebook page! (That’s about 30 cups of coffee…)


For a chance to win, just comment on the brand’s Facebook post on 9/29/18 between 8am and 8pm Eastern and tell Eight O’Clock which variety of their coffee you want to win. 12 lucky winners (US residents, 18 and over) will win a coffee prize pack consisting of one bag of Eight O’Clock Coffee, coffee scoop, and mug!

Get Free Coffee

And here is a recipe for a great coffee drink from Eight O’Clock once you win all that coffee:


Get Free Coffee

Get Free Coffee Every Hour from Eight O’Clock Coffee

1 ½ cups milk
½ cup strong brewed Eight O’Clock French Vanilla coffee
1 tablespoon maple syrup
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch ground cinnamon
1. Heat 1 cup of milk.
2. Pour coffee into mug and top with heated milk using a milk frother.
3. Stir in maple syrup, vanilla extract and cinnamon to taste.
4. Top with foamed milk.


About Eight O’Clock Coffee
Get Free Coffee

Get Free Coffee Every Hour from Eight O’Clock Coffee


Our rich history. The times may have changed, but our unwavering commitment to supplying every kitchen, loft, and breakfast nook with quality coffee has not. Our beans have journeyed from Maryland, where we roast them all, to tables across the nation since 1859. We love coffee, and coffee loves company. Share in our passion, and learn what makes Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s Gourmet Coffee.


Throughout the years, we’ve explored new varieties. Changed our look. Rolled out ground coffee and single-serving Keurig® K-Cup® packs. But there are some things we’ll never change. For starters, the classic flavors inside our new bags remain untouched. All of our whole bean and ground varieties continue to be crafted using only high quality, 100% Arabica coffee. And all of our roasting is done at our own facility under the expert supervision of master roasters. It’s what you look for in your coffee, and it’s what we’ll always deliver.

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