Homegrown Delights is the Next Salude! Culinary Nights at Witte

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Homegrown Delights is the Next Salude! Culinary Nights at Witte

Homegrown Delights : The Passion for Local Eats & Urban Farming at Witte Museum

The next Salud! Culinary Nights event, ” Homegrown Delights : The Passion for Local Eats & Urban Farming” at the Witte Museum on September 12th at 6:30 pm will be showcasing a three-course farm-to-table dinner by San Antonio chefs who are passionate about “local.”

Chef Edward Villarreal of Ocho, also the host of culinary series, Homegrown Chef, will be creating the main course; Chef Paul Morales of the new Smoke Shack Meat Market will be presenting the first course, and Pastry Chef Ernest Lopez, formerly of Sustenio, will be presenting the dessert course. Please see the menu below for details.

Homegrown Delights

“I’ve had the opportunity to cook in the Witte’s kitchen several times – for these amazing Salud! dinners and also while we were shooting the first season of Homegrown Chef, and it’s always a pleasure. I’m really excited about this one because we get to raise awareness about local, homegrown, sustainable foods and why we should all be supporting it, from the chefs to our high schools. The food system is in desperate need of attention and this is our way of continuing that conversation,” said Chef Edward Villarreal.

Homegrown Delights

Homegrown Delights – Chef Ed Villarreal at Veg’d Out Urban Farms

Koen King Stokes with local urban farm, Veg’d Out Urban Farms, who sells his produce at the Pearl Farmers Market and local rancher, Loncito Cartwright and Lily Ross of Peaceful Pork, will discuss their passion for urban farming and contributions to local kitchens and chefs around the city in an effort to sustainable feed future generations.


Wednesday, September 12, 2018



Witte Museum

3801 Broadway St.

San Antonio, TX 78209

TICKETS ($50/pp)https://my.wittemuseum.org/single/SelectSeating.aspx?p=105236


First Course 

by Chef Paul Morales of Smoke Shack Meat Market 

Pickled Vegetables Terrine with Smoked Pork Aspic

Second Course 

by Chef Edward Villarreal of Ocho at Hotel Havana, 

Host of Homegrown Chef 

Peaceful Pork & Duck Salume Medallion in Caul Fat, Sunchoke & Aligot Potato Puree, Shaved Veg’d Out Urban Farms’ Asparagus in Lemon, Butter & Garlic, Peaceful Port Heart Ragout

Third Course

by Pastry Chef Ernest Lopez

Corn Panna Cotta, Veg’d Out Urban Farms’  Sweet Pea Sponge, Hibiscus Sorbet

Libations graciously provided by:

Kuhlman Cellars

Spicewood Vineyards

Farmhouse Vineyards

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