Combine Fantastic Gelato with a Mind-Blowing Tea – Bam

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Combine Fantastic Gelato with a Mind-Blowing Tea – Bam

Combine Fantastic Gelato and Delicious Tea and You Get Brew’s Lee Milk Tea Gelato

Brew’s Lee Tea collaborated with Paciugo Gelato to combine fantastic gelato and their delicious tea to create a mind-blowing creation you won’t soon forget.

Alamo Heights’ tea station, Brew’s Lee Tea, located at 4009 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78209 has collaborated with Paciugo to create a milk tea flavored gelato.

Paciugo is a franchise started by Ugo Ginatta, and they has been serving irresistibly delicious gelato since 1999. In this collaboration, Brew’s Lee Tea brews their classic milk tea at their shop, and then deliver it to Paciugo who turns it into the perfect consistency of a gelato.

Brew’s Lee Milk Tea Gelato

Combine Fantastic Gelato

Milk tea is typically created with hot water, tea, and sweetened condensed milk. The sweet flavor of this tea creates a perfect blend for a gelato flavor. The gelato is served with tapioca balls on the bottom, caramelized popcorn on top, and then drizzled with Okinawa sugar.

The ice cream is only available at Brew’s Lee Tea’s location. Brew’s Lee Tea is open Monday-Friday 11am-7pm & Saturday 11am-8pm. For more information on Brew’s Lee Tea, visit the tea shop online

Combine Fantastic Gelato

At Brew’s Lee Tea guests can expect to experience a variety of unique teas including milk teas, specialty teas, and hot teas. Perfect your tea by choosing your preference of sugar levels, and adding classic favorites such as chewy tapioca pearls, homemade pudding, coffee jelly or lychee.

Brew’s Lee Tea offers a variety home brewed Taiwanese teas! Our brewer masters hold several certificates of achievement, including ones from their study under a brew master in the High Mountains of the Nangang District, Taiwan, as well as The American Barista & Coffee School, and the Texas Coffee School.

More Information:
Brew’s Lee Tea 
4009 Broadway St.
San Antonio, TX 78209

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