New Iced Tea with a Delicate Maple Twist Made by Maple Guild

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New Iced Tea with a Delicate Maple Twist Made by Maple Guild

New Iced Tea Lightly Sweetened with Maple Quenches Cravings

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

A new iced tea that’s making summer better. It’s Texas, it’s summer and it’s hot! That means iced tea is the only drink on the menu. And when the tea is sweetened with maple, it hits a new flavor point. Maple Guild has created another innovative product sure to give Maple loving fans, especially us southern ones, a big boost. That’s right, maple isn’t just for those pancakes at breakfast any more! Maple Guild, known for creating the best tasting, highest quality syrup in the world, is now pushing the bar and creating tasty, creative products with their wonderful syrup.

New Iced Tea

Maple Guild New Iced Tea

I was recently asked to try this new Maple Guild product, an iced tea lightly sweetened with delicious Vermont maple. These green and black teas come in nine different flavors and are the only teas in the world sweetened with pure maple syrup. There is no artificial maple flavoring used in these teas. The folks at Maple Guild actually worked with tea experts to develop the best blends of black & green teas which compliment maple flavor, making these teas the smoothest ever. These teas have the delicate flavor of maple and a light sweetness. That way, the flavor of the tea is allowed to come forward.

Maple Guild’s Nine iced tea flavors are:

  • Organic Black Tea
  • Organic Black Tea Raspberry
  • Organic Black Tea Peach
New Iced Tea

Maple Guild New Iced Tea

I chose three flavors to try:

Organic Black Tea Peach, Organic Black Tea Lemon and Organic Green Tea Ginger Pear

First let me say I liked all three flavors. But my absolute favorite was definitely the ginger pear. What a WOW combination of flavors in a delicate green tea. These teas were all perfect in every way and the best thirst quenchers for the three digit temperatures we have been having in Texas this summer. Each glass bottle is a full swallow of tea at 16 ounces. And more good news, they only have 45 calories per bottle! I know, right!

New Iced Tea

Maple Guild New Iced Tea

There isn’t a southerner out there that isn’t digging this. Maple may be from the north, but ice tea is purely a southern thing. And we know a thing or two about sweet tea in the south. But I have to hand it to Maple Guild for coming up with a sweeter way to make my tea. I, and I think I speak for all of us sweet tea lovers, love you for this one. Your passion for creating pure maple products equals my passion for drinking sweet iced tea.

Each 16 oz bottle of organic, Fair Trade real brewed tea is only $3.39. The teas are available across the state in HEB, Albertson’s, United Supermarket, and Market Street. You can also find them on their website or


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