Michelob ULTRA Wants All Dads to Live Fit and Have Fun this Father’s Day

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Michelob ULTRA Wants All Dads to Live Fit and Have Fun this Father’s Day

Michelob ULTRA Embraces a Fun, Fit Father’s Day Without Compromise

***This post is sponsored by Michelob ULTRA but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Taking time to be with family is sometimes difficult with our busy lives but Michelob ULTRA wants to help you bring family & fun back into focus. Whether it’s your father or a father figure in your life, let’s dedicate this Father’s Day to Dads everywhere who are ready to live life to the fullest. Dads who want to live a healthy, active life with the ones they work so hard to take care of. It’s time to hit the pool, dust off those bikes or play a round of miniature golf. Today’s Dad is healthy and fit and having fun with his family. And today’s Dad knows that after a fun day of play or a hard workout, he doesn’t have to sacrifice enjoying a beer like Michelob ULTRA. Let’s give these Dads who work hard and play hard the recognition they deserve on their special day.

Michelob ULTRA

I was lucky to have three fathers to teach me and mold me into who I am today. Each of these great men taught me different life lessons. Dad # 1, my biological father, taught me to have empathy towards others. He also showed me how to garden knowing eating fresh food was the key to health. He was a doctor who believed a happy body was a healthy body always watching his diet, and eating fresh, wholesome food. Dad # 2, my uncle whom I was named after, taught me the joy of experiencing different cuisines from around the world. He was also detail oriented and very structured, two things that keep me on track every day. Dad # 3, my Step-Dad, showed me how hard work and perseverance pays off and to live life to the fullest by getting outdoors to play a little too.

Michelob ULTRA

Dad #1

Dad #2

Michelob ULTRA

Dad #3

Father’s Day has many great memories of growing up with each of my Dads. This special day gives me time to reflect on what each one taught me and how each one significantly added to who I am today. Although these three men are no longer here with me, I still want to celebrate each of their lives. I can do this by doing things that remind me of them. Things like going on a hike or to a farmer’s market to buy fresh food to cook a favorite recipe they made for me. Or I can go enjoy a round of golf which they all loved. And what better way to say, “thanks for all you did for me”, than with a toast to them. And the best way to toast them is with a light and refreshing Michelob ULTRA that would fit right into their healthy lifestyles.

So, here’s a toast to all Fathers and Father figures who have touched the lives of many. Be they your own father, or uncles, brothers, step-fathers, cousins, sons, co-workers and neighbors, they all deserve a hug or pat on the back and a “cheer” with Michelob ULTRA. Whether you’re grilling, boating at the lake, picnicking in a favorite park, eating out, or hanging with friends and family this Father’s Day, celebrating with an ice-cold Michelob ULTRA is a healthy choice for your party. With only 95 calories and 2.6 carbs, no one has to sacrifice the things they love. Enjoying life and staying fit without compromising taste is what Michelob ULTRA is all about. This is a great tasting beer you can truly feel great about drinking while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Michelob ULTRA

So, this June 17th let’s raise a bottle of Michelob ULTRA to all the mega Dads out there!

If you are looking for some last minutes Father’s Day gifts, stop by the Michelob ULTRA Beer Gear Shop website for some really cool apparel, games, barware and golf items. Dad is sure to love it all!



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