Kitchables Brings Joy to the Kitchen with Simplistic Design

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Kitchables Brings Joy to the Kitchen with Simplistic Design

Kitchables Wants You to Slow Down, Unwind and Enjoy Your Mornings Again

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Bring the joy of simplicity back into your day with Kitchables products made to simplify your cooking experience. What happened to the days of waiting for a good cup of tea to steep or a cup of rich coffee to brew. When did waiting for a cup of Jo mean waiting in line at the coffee shop? In Asian countries there is a whole art and ritual to making a cup of tea. It is more of a meditative process and a tradition. Why does everything in our life today have to be so rushed?

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Kitchables started out to solve one basic problem, to stop taking our lives on-the-go. Our day-to-day life should be enjoyed; taken slow, not on-the-go! Take a step back and relax, great results in food and drink requires time, care, and dedication.

So they have designed a full line of tea infusing and slow coffee brewing accessories, all available online, and all designed with one purpose in mind: to bring back the joy to the kitchen. So, it’s time to start your journey down the path of the Kitchen, simplified.


Skip the lines at your local coffee shop and enjoy a personalized home brew. When I returned to the states after living in Europe for over four years, I brought with me what was referred to as a Drip Coffee System. This system is similar to the Pour Over System being used today. My friends didn’t like my drip system because it took too long to make several cups of coffee. I only used my system when I was having coffee alone. However, this was kind of a sad way to enjoy a cup of coffee, alone! Now the Pour Over Method is popular and everyone seems to like the taste of the coffee, but not so much the fact that it isn’t instantaneous. We have gotten so used to everything happening at nano speed that we forget to breath, literally.

How about we stop for a few minutes, take in some deep breaths and learn to be mindful. Let’s enjoy our very own cup of delicious, fresh, home-brewed coffee. From the grinds, to the pour, then the sip, you control every factor to produce the perfect cup with Kitchables’ line of coffee accessories and tools – simple and easy, from the comfort of your own home.

See demo here:

And their products are so beautifully simplistic and modern they fit right in to any decor. Their pour-over coffee maker with handle has a beautiful sleek design.  The glass is scratch and shatter resistant made from premium borosilicate glass and dishwasher and microwave safe! The 27 oz or 35 oz makes it easy to make one cup to several cups at one time. Use the stainless steel pour-over drip filter for the perfect cup every time. Made with 18/8 stainless steel with dual filter micro-mesh technology you are ensured of no clogging. Paper filters leave behind residues and affect your coffees flavor, never have that issue with these stainless steel filters. And using this filter instead of paper filters, you are saving the planet one cup of coffee at a time. You should feel better already!


And don’t get me started on their glassware cups! OK, get me started! These glass cups are so beautiful and can they set of a pretty cup of coffee….YES. These glasses are long lasting and low maintenance. They are shatterproof, scratch resistant, durable and safe for microwave and dishwasher just like the coffee pot! Borosilicate glass is the material you want when dealing with any glassware for best results! And even better they are several sizes for all your coffee and tea choices. I personally like the 15 oz handled glass. I like a large cup of coffee in the morning and I like a cup that is easy to handle. I also really like that their glasses are double wall insulated so I can keep my cup of coffee, espresso, cappuccino or tea warmer longer and can keep enjoying your delicious, hot beverage to the fullest all while keeping my fingers safe and cool.

You can also get your very own Kitchables product at 20% OFF on Amazon! Just use this exclusive promo code: JHNNIE20 when making your purchase. This code expires June 7, 2018 so do your ordering now! You will love these products in your home.


Kitchables also has glass tea pots with infuser for your loose tea. This fine stainless steel strainer ensures an even steep every time, so you have the best, top notch cup of tea to enjoy wherever you want, whenever you want. Just add water over your tea leaves and enjoy your beverage hot, cold, plain or with sugar and creamer!

You will also find Coffee Canisters for storing your ground coffee or whole beans. Coffee flavor killers are oxygen, moisture, Co2, and light. Put your coffee beans in this canister and keep your beans fresher for longer. Has a built-in Co2 AirFresh valve, which allows Co2 to escape one-way and with an airtight seal keeping oxygen out. As long as you keep the canister away from heat sources, your beans will stay fresh and the flavor will be maintained for much longer.

For more information on the company and their product go to You can also follow them on Facebook: /kitchables and Instagram: @kitchables

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