Perfect Summer Cheat Dish from Beautiful Seaspice Restaurant

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Perfect Summer Cheat Dish from Beautiful Seaspice Restaurant

Perfect Summer Cheat Dish – Seaspice’s Shrimp Linguini Recipe

It’s said Italian bombshell Sophia Loren went to pasta heaven saying “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti,” so if a perfect summer cheat dish existed, it would have to be Seaspice’s Shrimp Linguini.

Perfect Summer Cheat Dish

Perfect Summer Cheat Dish from Seaspice

Slightly tweaking the classic recipe, Executive Chef Angel Leon adds shrimp, parmesan cheese and salmon roe for a mouthwatering taste worth the carbo-load.

Seaspice Shrimp Linguine


5- Jumbo shrimp peeled and deveined

6oz fresh linguine

2 garlic cloves sliced thin

1 shallot sliced thin

1 oz chopped chives

1 oz Parmesan cheese grated

Zest of 1/2 lemon

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1 plum tomato peeled and diced

Tiny pinch crushed red pepper

3oz white wine

2oz olive oil

3 oz shrimp or chicken stock

3oz butter

1 sauce pot with salted boiling water

Salt and pepper to taste


Add 1oz oil to pan and sear shrimp on both sides and remove from pan.

Add 1oz olive oil, garlic, shallot, tomato, red pepper, and lemon zest. Lightly sauté until translucent.

Deglaze with white wine and let reduce by half.

Add stockade and let reduce by half. Add salt and pepper

Drop pasta in water for 3 minutes (11 if using dry pasta)

Add butter then shrimp back to the sauce.

Add pasta, lemon juice, and cheese.

Twirling pasta in the bowl, add any excess shrimp and sauce.

Garnish with Chives, fresh squeeze of lemon juice, and salmon roe.

About Chef Angel Leon

Perfect Summer Cheat Dish

Chef Leon creates Perfect Summer Cheat Dish

Chef Leon was born and raised in Miami from Cuban descent. Chef Leon started working professionally at the age of sixteen, and his interest in culinary arts sparked while working in Cuban bakeries during his adolescence. Chef Leon has worked under renowned Miami, French Chef, Pascal Oudim, was part of the opening team with Michelle Bernstein for Azul Restaurant at the Miami Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and in 2009 he lead the opening of Sugarcane Restaurant in Miami, as Chef De Cuisine with Chef Timon.

The culmination of all of his experience created the right foundation to join the team at Seaspice. His ability to modernize classic dishes with new gastronomic techniques has surpassed expectations through their taste, presentation, and variety.


Often credited as a leading force in the revitalization of the Miami River neighborhood, Seaspice continues to be the unrivaled waterfront restaurant and celebrity favorite destination. Seaspice’s star chef Angel Leon along with owners Carlos & Maryam Miranda created quite the unique and eclectic menu inspired by Mediterranean and global influences. Its interior design is a study in implicit restraint that blends organic and industrial elements with homage to the area’s nautical roots. Boat-friendly, with 250 feet of private docking privileges, the restaurant elevates gastro-classic dining via sophisticated techniques and commitment to quality, combined with stunning interiors and views of the Miami River and downtown skyline. Throughout the years, Seaspice Miami has amassed a celebrity following, which has welcomed the likes of Former First Lady Michelle Obama, BeyoncéKylie Jenner, David BeckhamBarbra StreisandCarlos SlimJustin BieberMarc Anthony, and Dwayne Wade, to name a very few.

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