Summer Flavors are in at Lick and They Celebrate the Season

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Summer Flavors are in at Lick and They Celebrate the Season

Summer Flavors at Lick Honest Ice Creams Share the Best of Mother Nature’s Bounty

Lick has some new selections coming out starting June 7th and these summer flavors are using the best ingredients this season has to offer. Summer will be here before you know it, so here are the Lick Honest Ice Creams flavors that are soon to be in their stores, hot off the presses.

Also note the Roasted Mesquite Bean Cookie– their Austin Food and Wine Alliance flavor that debuted in February for just one week– is back for the summer! Lick is super proud of this hyper-local flavor, so check it out! 

Summer Flavors coming out on June 7th:

Blackberry, Lime & Basil: Subtle hints of lime zest plus fresh basil illuminate the sweet tart Central Texas blackberries! Blended together, these local summer flavors make a delightfully complex ice cream.

Summer Flavors

Blushing Blueberry: A bold swirl of bright blueberry jam dances through our beautiful blueberry ice cream with a splash of Genius Gin.

Dewberry Corn Cobbler: Our state’s beloved blueberries are baked into a buttery cornmeal cobbler and crumbled into our sweet cream corn ice cream. Texas sweet corn and dewberries make the perfect pair in this summertime favorite. (contains wheat & eggs)

Honeyed Peaches with Rosemary: Immensely sweet and iconic Hill Country peaches and local Good Flow Honey make an impeccable, velvety sauce to fold through our garden fresh rosemary ice cream.

Summer Flavors

Lemon Lavender: Farm fresh Texas Hill Country Lavender and bright lemon zest are simply summer perfection. 

Lemonade Pound Cake: Our spin on a classic lemon pound cake, made with our own fresh lemonade, is folded into a tart lemon and fresh mint ice cream. (contains wheat & egg)

Ranch Road: Malted chocolate ice cream with toasted salted pecans and house made vanilla marshmallows. It’s our Texas take on a classic! (contains gluten, tree nut & egg)

Roasted Mesquite Bean Cookie: House made mesquite bean and SRSLY Chocolate chip cookies are crumbled into a sweet mesquite bean ice cream. Featuring roasted mesquite beans, meal, and flour (milled at Barton Springs Mill) provided by Miche Bread. (contains wheat & egg)

Summer Flavors

Vegan Vanilla Strawberry Swirl: Our smooth coconut milk base is accented with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and a swirl of our freshly house made Poteet strawberry sauce. (vegan)

Tequila Lime Coconut: This coconut milk ice cream brings out the vibrant notes of fresh limes and gets its kick from Dulce Vida Tequila. (vegan)

Seasonal Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor: 

True Blueberry: Fresh, sweet, Texas blueberries are blended into our ice cream base to make a deliciously sweet treat sandwiched between house made classic soft chocolate cookies.

I can’t wait to get into one of their locations after June 7th to give a couple of these a try! How about you?

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