Popular Chef Lights up the Fire for His New Cookbook

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Popular Chef Lights up the Fire for His New Cookbook

Popular Chef Adrian Davila Cooks His Way to the Top

Adrian Davila, a popular chef from Seguin Texas is a third generation restaurateur, chef & pit master at the famous Davila’s BBQ. Adrian spent most of his younger days in the kitchen of the restaurant learning the ways of the business and perfecting the recipes on the menu.

All of his hard work perfecting the recipes paid off and recently he released his first cookbook COWBOY BARBECUE: Fire & Smoke from the Original Texas Vaqueros which he co-authored with Ann Volkwein, a best selling cookbook author.

Popular Chef

Adrian recently had a cookbook release party at his restaurant Davila’s BBQ in Seguin Texas where he offered samplings of his pulled pork and brisket tacos for guests. I can’t wait to try more of Adrian’s Texas Vaquero dishes but I may have to wait awhile as his calendar seems to be full this year with TV gigs this summer. He will also be hosting pop-ups at restaurants around the country, so keep a look out for him in your town.

Popular Chef

Popular Chef – Seguin BBQ

In COWBOY BARBECUE: Fire & Smoke from the Original Texas Vaqueros [The Countryman Press; April 24, 2018; $24.95 Trade Paperback], award-winning pit master Adrian Davila shares authentic Texas barbecue with a uniquely Latin twist.

Popular Chef

Popular Chef book signing.

Adrian’s signature dishes, such as mesquite smoked lamb ribs, trace their culinary roots back to the vaqueros, the Latino cowboys who once roamed the plains of Texas and Mexico. They may have been the first “pit masters” as they dug actual pits to slow-smoke whole animals into succulence, and transformed the local ingredients with the bright flavors of the Iberian Peninsula.

Today, Davila keeps the tradition of the vaqueros alive in his restaurant, and in his debut cookbook. Readers will learn how to slow smoke a perfect brisket, how to master asado-style grilling and how to turn inexpensive cuts of meat into crave-worthy tacos. More intrepid barbecue aficionados can try their hand at authentic barbaoca, slow-smoking a beef head or lamb wrapped in maguey leaves in a traditional under ground pit. But even home cooks who aren’t ready to master the smoke pit can taste the earthy and bright flavors of vaquero cooking in easy, everyday recipes like Griddle Corn Cakes, Frijoles Refritos, and Vaquero Chili Con Carne. These are Davila’s grandmother’s beloved recipes. When Adrian’s grandfather Raul opened Davila’s in 1959, she moved her family right into the back room of the restaurant and began cooking them for her customers as well.

COWBOY BARBECUE highlights the flavors and stories of the Mexican-American community, from the simple, everyday cooking to the celebratory feasts that bring family and friends together. Ambitious but unpretentious, it is essential for any lover of barbecue.

Adrian was featured as a judge on the Travel Channel’s show American Grilled, as a contestant (and first-place winner) on the Food Network show BBQ Blitz “Texas Takedown”, as a guest chef on the Food Network’s The Kitchen, and as a judge on the Food Network’s BBQ Kids Champion. He is also frequently featured in publications, including the San Antonio Express-News, MySA, San Antonio Edible Magazine, and the Seguin “Sizzle” Gazette. But if you aren’t famililar with Adrian yet, you are about to be! He will be featured on the Cooking Channel’s MAN FIRE FOOD in June, and will be introducing America to a new kind of all-American barbecue on the Today Show for July 4th.

You can see Adrian and his family in action here: https://www.texasmonthly.com/video/davilas-bbq/

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