Great Cocktails can be Made Fast with Don Chelada

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Great Cocktails can be Made Fast with Don Chelada

Great Cocktails can be Made Fast with Don Chelada, a San Antonio Company

Don Chelada is a San Antonio company, making it easy for beer and Michelada enthusiasts to make a great cocktails fast! They make Michelada mix, beer salt, and unique mix cups rimmed with flavors. Each one of their products honors a tradition, while simplifying the process of creating a delicious beer cocktail, especially when entertaining. That’s why it’s the only Michelada product sold at Walmart, the brand chosen by Disney to make the Micheladas they serve, and available at thousands of retail locations.

Don Chelada makes summer beverages that are the perfect choice for brunch, pool parties, and evenings with friends. And Don Chelada is a convenient way of creating this beer cocktail.

Don Chelada makes its authentic Michelada mix in—and distributes it from—San Antonio. The mix is available as a liquid or in convenient flavor packets that come inside the disposable Michelada Cups. These cups are available in three flavor blends: original, lemon-lime and spicy.

The company’s goal is to capture the bold spirit of the authentic Michelada that originated in Mexico. The Michelada is often what people turn to when they need a hangover cure or when they are looking for a beer cocktail at brunch. It also works well at gatherings when the host wants to offer an affordable, easy-to-mix alcoholic beverage that goes beyond the traditional beer. Our slogan of “Bring the Fiesta to Your Beer” fits in well with celebrating Fiesta® San Antonio, Cinco de Mayo, and the festive atmosphere of our city that is present throughout the year.

How to use Don Chelada:

Preparing a Michelada in a Don Chelada Cup
Take off the cup lid and empty the enclosed flavor packet into the cup. Slowly fill with 24 ounces of your favorite cold beer. Stir and let your Michelada sit one minute. Another 12-ounce beer can be added when you’re half way through with the Michelada.
Using Don Chelada Liquid Mix
Take a chilled glass. Rim with beer salt and/or lime. Pour 2 to 3 ounces of the mix in the glass. Add a 12- ounce beer.

Here are some recipes from Don Chelada:

At Don Chelada, our Michelada products are the starting point for simple, yet delicious, cocktail recipes. For casual enjoyment, sip straight from our cup. When entertaining, easily transfer your beverage to a garnished glass.

Spicy Paloma

great cocktails

great cocktails

If you like the tang of grapefruit, combine it with tequila in this delicious drink.


Don Chelada Lemon-Lime Cup

2 ounces of tequila

12 ounces of grapefruit soda or (6 ounces of grapefruit juice and 6 ounces of mineral water)



Open the Michelada cup, and take out the flavor packet.

  1. Put ice in the cup.
  2. Pour in half of the spice packet.
  3. Add the tequila.
  4. Pour in the grapefruit soda.

Stir and enjoy.


Don Chelada Driver

great cocktails

great cocktails

A unique version of the screwdriver.


Don Chelada Original Cup

Lime-flavored mineral water

Orange juice




  1. Empty ½ to 1 flavor packet into a Don Chelada Cup with ice.
  2. Add 2 shots of vodka.
  3. Pour in equal parts orange juice and mineral water.

Stir and enjoy!


Don Chelada Fruit Cup

great cocktails


Fresh lime

Fresh cubed fruit, such as pineapple and watermelon

Original Flavor Don Chelada Cup

Chamoy (optional)


  1. Place mixed fruit in your Don Chelada Cup or a bowl.
  2. Squeeze lime juice over the fruit.
  3. Sprinkle on a portion of a Don Chelada packet. (to taste)
  4. Sprinkle with chamoy. (optional)

Stir the fruit.


Don Chelada is available at stores around San Antonio, like H-E-B, Walmart, and area liquor and convenience stores. The cups and mix can also be ordered through the Don Chelada website. You can discover more about using Don Chelada products at

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