Upcoming Pi Day Brings a Variety of Pie for You to Enjoy

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Upcoming Pi Day Brings a Variety of Pie for You to Enjoy

Upcoming Pi Day is Fast Approaching so go Enjoy Your Favorite Pie

Upcoming Pi Day is on Wednesday, March 14 (3.14), and I have some pie-tastic news slated in honor of the day. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen & Cicis Pizza both have some delicious specials for you on Pi Day! Plus, did you know that on Pi Day, all pies, no matter which ones you choose, have no calories today? Yes, it’s true… so go out and enjoy!

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen’s Homemade Chicken Pot Pie features scratch-made cream sauce, vegetables and chicken, baked into a light, flaky crust – and it’s served with a house salad, starting at an everyday value of just $7.99.

Fun fact: Each Pot Pie contains a half-pound of chicken. The iconic item has been on Cheddar’s menu for 25 years. And it’s safe to say, guests love it! The dish is the third most-popular item on Cheddar’s menu, with about 1.4 million pies served to guests annually.

At Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, guests can enjoy made-from-scratch meals at affordable prices. Their culinary team has created a menu that promises something for everyone. And while there are a variety of options, each dish has one thing in common – the dedication to well-made food. With over 20 scratch-made entrees for under $10, guests are always able to get a satisfying meal in a welcoming atmosphere that feels like home.

 Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen values food made with time and effort. That’s why every team member takes pride in cooking from scratch. They start with simple, real ingredients, and transform them into hand-crafted dishes, created with care.

 Popular entrees include the hand-breaded Chicken Tenders, hand-battered Monte Cristo sandwich, Grilled Salmon three different ways, Homemade Chicken Pot Pie, and House-Smoked Baby Back Ribs – cooked to order and smothered in their house-made BBQ sauce. Cheddar’s recently introduced a brand-new dish, the Bourbon Glazed Pork Chop. The 10 oz. bone-in cut is served on a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with bourbon glaze and homemade onion rings.

 Guests can also enjoy several hand-crafted cocktails, including the Texas Margarita, Texas Sweet Tea, Maui Margarita and Cheddars’ best-selling Painkiller.

Upcoming Pi Day

Upcoming Pi Day Cheddar’s Painkiller

Upcoming Pi Day

Bourbon Glazed Pork Chop

Cicis pizza is offering guests the following offer: BUY AN ADULT BUFFET AT REGULAR PRICE, GET 2ND ADULT BUFFET FOR $3.14

Everyone should feel free to be themselves, don’t you think? Cicis sure does—always has—which is why Cicis boldly pushes the limits of regular restaurant rules to create a unique place for every taste. You can find what you love at Cicis together. They’re for freedom and options and always saying “Yes!” They’re for taking a stand and standing out. They’re for bringing individuals together to celebrate what each of us brings to the table. After all, life would be boring if we were all the same. They believe differences are what make life most flavorful.

Upcoming Pi Day

Upcoming Pi Day – Cicis pizza buffet

Cicis has a custom buffet of fresh salads, savory pasta, delicious desserts and fresh-from-the-oven pizzas. You can pick from traditional, deep dish or flatbread in New York style, traditional or adventurous tastes. And they have stuffed crust with gooey cheese that pulls apart when you bite into it. Add to that an unlimited salad bar of fresh ingredients, pasta, wings in various flavors, soup and cheese bread. Oh and don’t forget those cinnamon buns, dessert pizzas and cheesecake brownies.

Upcoming Pi Day

Upcoming Pi Day

Upcoming Pi Day Cicis dessert

You won’t go home hungry!

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