Where Can One Get a Blissful CBD Massage in Colorado?

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Where Can One Get a Blissful CBD Massage in Colorado?

Where Can One Get a Blissful CBD Massage for Pain-Relieving Benefits

The pain-relieving benefits of cannabidiols or CBD-infused oils and lotions are well documented and get results. What are CBDs and where can one get a CBD massage? CBDs are chemical compounds derived from hemp plants, and are not mind-altering. The oils can help relieve inflammation, pain and muscle cramping, encouraging deeper relaxation. Combined with a therapeutic massage, CBD oils get to the root of what ails. These three standout spas in Colorado offer a variety of treatments and products that incorporate CBD oil:

At The Spa at Vail Mountain Lodge — Vail’s first spa some three decades ago — there are two new signature treatments on the menu that include CBD. The CBD Massage uses medicinal, organic hemp oil to help clients experience a deeper sense of relaxation and relief from muscle soreness, chronic pain and nerve pain. The High Mountain Scrub starts with a hemp and coffee scrub to exfoliate the skin and enhance the penetration of what comes next — a full body massage with warm, organic, Colorado-grown cannabinoid oil.

At Life Essentials Day Spa in Steamboat Springs, The CBD Zenyama Massage takes the healing benefits of massage and muscle relaxation one step further with the addition of CBD-infused lotion made by Apothecanna. The treatment has been on the spa menu for nearly a year-and-a-half and has been extremely popular. The spa also sells the product in their store and struggles to keep the shelves stocked.

Where Can One Get

Where Can One Get a CBD massage – Life Essentials Day Spa in Steamboat

Soothing Therapeutic Massage in Fort Collins also offers a CBD massage. They use lotion infused with organic, locally-sourced CBD oil containing less than .3 percent THC, so it has no mind altering affect. Instead, clients often experience immediate pain relief and many people feel it extends the positive results of the massage a little bit longer.

Where Can One Get

Where Can One Get a CBD massage – Soothing Therapeutic Massage in Fort Collins

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