Alternatives for Valentines Dinner from Olives from Spain

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Alternatives for Valentines Dinner from Olives from Spain

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner that are Healthier

Using olives gives us alternatives for Valentines dinner that are a little healthier. Every February, couples have the opportunity to bring their most romantic side back to life, thanks to the celebrations on the 14th day of the month. Buying a gift that shows affection or making a special dinner are some of the ways to make Valentine’s Day the most romantic day of the year.

February 14th has been a day dedicated to love and lovers for centuries. Many bet on perfumes, ties or accessories to give to their loved ones on such a marked date. The best accompaniment for these gifts is in the kitchen. Olives from Spain has created an elaborate and romantic menu that’s full of surprises. With these new recipes, olives have much to contribute to the romantic day.

Olives from Spain’s goal was to create a menu full of color and flavor, something that seduced the senses and is, in itself, a Valentine’s gift, with olives as the key ingredient. Olives are a product with thousands of years of history behind it, which brings to American tables the possibility of making simple but spectacular dishes, full of flavor and personality. Olives make an easy tribute to love in the form of a gastronomic feast without needing to have great knowledge in the kitchen.

With Olives from Spain have developed a completely jaw dropping menu. On their website cooks looking to impress will find what is necessary to be confident in the kitchen. You can make the menu starting with an appetizer full of flavor, followed by a delicious salad that we will do in a moment, continue with a spectacular lamb dish and surprise them with some incredible lollipops, which will be the cherry on top to our Valentine’s Day menu. The below recipes are great alternatives for Valentine’s Dinner or any other dinner for that matter. Let’s keep it healthier.

  • Appetizer

The Little Japanese pincho

The best of the sea and the earth come together in this brochette of Cacereña olives and the oriental touch of marinated raw tuna.

Ingredients (1 unit)
• 0,35 Oz. Pickled ginger (gari)

• Bean sprouts

• 1,76 Oz. Raw Tuna

• Cacereña olives

• 0,35 Oz. Soy sauce

• Sprouted onions and soybeans

Step 1: Marinate tuna with soy for about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Put the olives with the tuna in a dish and decorate with a bit of pickled ginger (gari) and sprouts.

  • Starter

Olives fresh salad

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner – Olives fresh salad

Light and healthy! So are the salads when you prepare them with products as natural as orange, tomato and, of course, European olives. These alternatives for Valentines Dinner are such a healthy option.

Ingredients (4 people)
Difficulty: low
Prep Time: 15 minutes

• 6 oz. of Hojiblanca black olives

• 3 oranges

• 2 raff tomatoes

• 1 avocado

• 1 lemon

• 3.5 oz. fresh cheese

• 2 sprigs of basil

• Olive oil

• Sea salt

Step 1: Cut the tomatoes and oranges into cubes without their skins. In a bowl, combine the olives and the tomato. Season with oil and salt.

Step 2: Cut the avocado and fresh cheese into cubes separately and add it to the salad.

Step 3: Finish with a few basil leaves and lemon zest to decorate and flavor the salad.

  • Main course

Merino Lamb and Manzanilla Olives Tart

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner – Merino Lamb and Manzanilla Olives Tart

This dish showcases the shear elegant power contained within the bite size Manzanilla olive. Sweetly tender lamb finds the perfect mate with a rustic European olives crust which melts perfectly over a rich olive tart. Sophisticated and bold, this dish is as mouthwatering to make as it is to eat.

For the Lamb
• 2 cups Manzanilla olives, dehydrated and ground to a powder

• 1/3 cup rustic bread crumbs

• 1 teaspoon good quality mustard

• 1 large rack Merino lamb

For the Tart
• 1 ounce Manzanilla olives

• 2 cups heavy cream

• 2 whole eggs

• 1 tablespoon chopped chives

• 4 3 inch neutral tart shells

For the Mushrooms
• 4 royal trumpet mushrooms

• 2 cups olive brine

• 2 garlic cloves

For the Sauce
• 2 ounce reduced veal stock (available in most specialty stores)

• 1 ounce red wine

• 1 tablespoon chopped olives

• 1 teaspoon finely chopped shallots

For the Garnish
• 4 pinches fresh frisee

• 1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar

Grill the lamb until caramelized on all sides (4-6 minutes).

Rub lamb with the olive powder-bread mixture using mustard as the “glue.” Roast in oven at 400 degrees for 6 minutes to bring to medium-rare.

Mix all ingredients of the tart together with a whisk. Fill the tart shells and bake at 350⁰ F for about 8 minutes. The custard should be almost set up but let it cool to finish the cooking process for a better, creamy tart.

For the sauce, reduce the meat broth with the red wine and shallots. Add the olives at the end of the process and set aside to sauce the plate.

Grill the mushrooms just to get good marks and pick up some grill flavor.

Toss frisee in a little vinegar, salt and pepper and use to brighten up the dish.

Place the tart in the center of a plate.

After letting the lamb rest a few minutes, slice and place on the plate.

Place the mushrooms attractively on the plate.

Dress the frisee and scatter around on the plate.

Drizzle the chunky sauce around the plate.

  • Dessert

White chocolate and olives lollipops

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner

Alternatives for Valentines Dinner – White chocolate and olives lollipops

Chocolate goes very well with everything, even with olives. Check it out with these amazing lollipops … You’ll love it!

Ingredients 4 people
Difficulty: Medium
Prep Time: 30 min

• 10 oz. of Hojiblanca black olives

• 9 oz. of white chocolate

• 1 pastry bag with thin nozzle

• 8 long skewers

• 1 lime
Step 1: Put some paper towel on a plate. Put the olives on top separately and put in the microwave for 3 minutes. After, open the paper towel and remove. Repeat procedure until they lose all the liquid and can be broken by hand. Three quarters of the olives crush using a mortar and pestle and the remainder reserve in slices.

Step 2: In a bowl put the chocolate bain-marie. Once well dissolved we put in a pastry bag with thin nozzle.

Step 3: On the table, put a circumference of olives and a skewer. Above, draw circles with the chocolate. Before they dry completely sprinkle with olive powder and lime zest.

At we can find many more ways to solve, with Olives From Spain, the challenge of the most romantic menu of the year.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Have an Olive Day.

About INTERACEITUNA and Olives from Spain

INTERACEITUNA is the Interprofessional Organization of Table Olive recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment that represents the whole sector producing, processing and marketing table olives. Created to implement different programs and activities of general interest, INTERACEITUNA promotes the knowledge of Spanish table olives and carries out research and development related to production and production techniques. INTERACEITUNA and the European Union have partnered to promote this product.


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