Enjoy Big Game Punch that Plants a Tree in Pacific NW

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Enjoy Big Game Punch that Plants a Tree in Pacific NW

Enjoy Big Game Punch While Helping Re-plant a Forest

This quick cocktail turned punch is ideal for drinking while you enjoy big game watching, and thanks to a program announced today by Trail’s End Bourbon, will help re-plant forests in the Pacific NW devastated by fire.

Trail’s End Super Bow-levardier


2 X 750ml Trail’s End Bourbon

1 X 1L Quality Sweet Vermouth

1 X 1L Campari


2 oz pour on the rocks, garnish with an orange peel.

Enjoy Big Game

Enjoy Big Game watching while planting a tree

Hood River Distillers is proud to announce a program on behalf of its award-winning Trail’s End® Straight Bourbon Whiskey with the National Forest Foundation to support the reforestation of natives trees, such as Oregon Oak, which were so severely damaged during the devastating 2017 fire season.

For every bottle of Trail’s End Bourbon Whiskey sold during 2018, Hood River Distillers will donate 50 cents to the National Forest Foundation’s Trees for US program. Hood River has guaranteed a minimum donation of $5,000, which will support the planting of 5,000 native trees in the Pacific Northwest.

“More than merely appreciating the natural beauty of our forests and natural resources, native hardwoods such as the Oregon Oak are vital to the DNA of Hood River Distillers and our brands,” says Casey Armstrong, Senior Brand Manager, Hood River Distillers. “From McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt, which pioneered the use of this hardwood; to Trail’s End Bourbon, which draws its bold oak profile from Oregon Oak staves; to our new Double Mountain Hopped Whiskey, which uses the Oak to balance the bright citrus and floral notes; no other portfolio celebrates Oregon Oak as much as Hood River Distillers. Our partnership with the National Forest Foundation gives us an exceptional opportunity to improve the forest habitat for native trees like our prized Oregon Oak to restore their strong footing in the Pacific Northwest.”

“We’re proud to partner with Hood River Distillers to support reforestation. This partnership will help support the re-planting of native forests in the Pacific Northwest at a time when our forests really need our help,” said Wes Swaffar, Director of Ecosystem Services at the National Forest Foundation.

The Eagle Creek fire erupted on September 2, 2017 and burned nearly 48,000 acres, threatening the heart of the Columbia River Gorge recreation area.

Trail’s End is an ultra-premium, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished with Oregon Oak, which was launched in 2015. The bourbon is initially aged in Kentucky in new charred white Oak barrels for eight years. It is then brought to Oregon, where it is steeped with Oregon Oak, perfected with glacier-fed spring water from Mt. Hood and bottled at 90 proof.

The Oregon Oak imparts a bolder oak profile and does so very quickly, so it does not add more than a few months to the aging and finishing process. On the palate, however, the Oregon Oak adds a warm nuttiness that differentiates Trail’sEnd from its southern kin.

Trail’s End (45% ABV/90 proof) is available in premium, embossed 750ml bottles with oak cork top and wood paper label for $39.99 (750ml).

For more information about Hood River Distillers, click here.

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