Living Among Us Proves Our Love for Vampires is Still Strong

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Living Among Us Proves Our Love for Vampires is Still Strong

Living Among Us is a Star-Studded Vampire Movie with a Fresh Modern Twist

Vision Films and Red Compass Media will release the anticipated modern vampire movie Living Among Us in theaters across the U.S on Friday February 2nd, 2018.

The anticipated supernatural vampire movie Living Among Us from writer/director Brian A. Metcalf will hit select theaters across the country on Friday February 2nd, 2018.

Starring the late John Heard (Home Alone), Ésme Bianco (Game of Thrones), Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie), William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption), James Russo (Django Unchained), Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You), Jordan Hinson (Eureka), Hunter Gomez (National Treasure), and Jessica Morris (The Wrong Man), Living Among Us is a fresh modern twist on the vampire movie genre. Vampires have been revealed to the world at a blood donation facility by a local news team. Now, the vampires’ sectional leader, Samuel (William Sadler), has spoken out to explain that they wish only to coexist with humans and mean no harm.

Vampires have just made themselves public! A group of documentary filmmakers have been invited to spend time with a family of vampires and learn how they live. But as reality sets in, the crew realizes they are in for far more than they bargained for.

Living Among Us

Best known for his role as the father in the Home Alone movie series, this movie is the final movie starring John Heard, who passed away in July 2017. Heard plays the role of Andrew, the father of the vampire family, alongside his wife Elleanor (Ésme Bianco) and their children Blake (Andrew Keegan) and Sybil (Jessica Morris).

When crewmembers Mike (Thomas Ian Nicholas), Aaron (James Russo), Carrie (Jordan Hinson) and Benny (Hunter Gomez) realize things are not what they seem, they risk everything to get as much footage as possible, but must battle to escape the scene alive and reveal their footage to the world.

Living Among Us is an entertaining, modern supernatural horror and a commentary on today’s society, media and politics. It examines how ratings can take importance over safety and how leaders will manipulate the public and shield truths.

Living Among Us

The filmmakers have partnered with Vision Films, Prekindle and Alamo Drafthouse to present an exclusive offer for fans who pre-order tickets before January 19th. They will receive a signed headshot by Living Among Us star and producer Thomas Ian Nicholas (American Pie, Rookie of the Year, Walt Before Mickey), and a free digital download of the film.

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This movie is a Red Compass Media production produced by Brian Metcalf and Thomas Ian Nicholas and executive produced by Ben Chan, with Vision Films handling worldwide distribution.

Director and producer Brian A. Metcalf says:  Living Among Us is a contemporary American New Wave horror film that subverts the traditional vampire mythos and fuses it with modern day science and technology. 

. I hope audiences enjoy it!”

Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says: The performances are amazing.  The Vampire family appears to be a normal family except for the sociopathic son.  Then when things turned sadistic, while that in itself wasn’t a surprise, you are still affected never-the-less!”

Don’t miss this film when it opens at the following list of participating theaters starting Friday February 2nd.

Cinema Village, New York City, NY |

Ahrya Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA |

Galaxy Riverbank 12, Sacramento, CA |

Davis Theater, Chicago, IL |

Monroe 12, Seattle, WA |

Alamo Drafthouse, Dallas, TX |

Galaxy Highland 10, Austin, TX |

Alamo Drafthouse, Phoenix, AZ |

Royal Oak 11, Detroit, MI |

East Bethel 10, East Bethel, MN |

About Vision Films

Vision Films is an Independent Worldwide Distributor and VOD Aggregator of over 800 Feature Films, Documentaries and Music Programs across all available rights from Theatrical, DVD, Television and VOD/Digital Media in both the International and Domestic marketplaces.

About Red Compass Media
Formed in 2012, Red Compass Media is an entertainment media company that is focused on releasing high-quality content in film, televison and digital formats. Red Compass Media is based both in Los Angeles and Singapore. Since its inception, the company has worked with a wide range of talented actors such as John Heard, William Sadler, Jodie Sweetin, BoJesse Christopher, Lacey Chabert, Michael Madsen, James Russo, Andrew Keegan, Esme Bianco, Scott Grimes, Clare Kramer, and Thomas Ian Nicholas. “Living Among Us” is their second feature film, following “The Lost Tree”, which released in theaters October 13th, 2017 and hits stores nationwide January 23 of this year. Red Compass is currently focused on the development of a slate of upcoming film  and television projects.

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