Best Recipes for Your Tailgate Party on the Biggest Game of the Year

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Best Recipes for Your Tailgate Party on the Biggest Game of the Year

Best Recipes Should be a Little Twisted for Your Tailgate Party

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea has some of the best recipes for your tailgate party during the biggest game of the year or any other party you might be throwing.

Truth is, not every tailgate or BBQ is perfect. The napkins will blow away. The six-foot sub will end up measuring a measly five-and-a-half. Someone will drop the bowl of guacamole. But, Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea (5% ABV), a genuinely refreshing hard iced tea that tastes just like real ice tea, can keep the party going. Whether you drink it right out of the can or use it to create some of these best recipes, or both, it will always make you a boss when throwing a party.

To unwind with a twist, concert-goers, outdoor lovers, and hardcore tailgaters alike reach for their two favorite styles: Twisted Tea Original and Twisted Tea Half & Half. In fact, as the only nationally available hard iced tea alternative to wine, beer, and cocktails, Twisted Tea is the No. 1 refreshing hard iced tea in the United States and perfect for any easy-drinking occasion.

To effortlessly seize the day, unwind with friends, and be a little twisted, try drinker favorites, Twisted Tea Original and Twisted Tea Half & Half:

Twisted Tea Original

The original hard iced tea that tastes just like iced tea, Twisted Tea Original is incredibly smooth and refreshingly at 5% ABV.

Best Recipes

Twisted Tea Half & Half

Combining the classic flavors of iced tea and lemonade, Twisted Tea Half & Half is a twist on the original and perfect balance of tea and lemon flavor.

Best Recipes

Or try these recipes from Twisted Tea:

Twisted Mustard Brats

Best Recipes

Best recipes from Twisted Tea


12 fl. Oz. Twisted Tea Original

¼ cups Whole Grain Mustard

2 teaspoons Garlic Powder

4 Bratwurst


  1. Pour Twisted Tea into a saucepan on the edge of the grill.
  2. Whisk in mustard and garlic powder.
  3. Place bratwursts in broth and bring to a simmer; cook until heated through.


Notes:  Mustard helps bring out a surprisingly earthy, true “tea” tone in a simple braise for any game-day sausages.  Set the pan over low coals, and just keep adding sausages or Twisted Tea, when either gets low; it’ll only taste better over time!


Twisted Tea-Can Turkey


8-10 Pound Turkey

6 Each Twisted Tea Original (Cans)

¼ Cup Salt, Kosher

2 Tablespoons fresh ground pepper

¼ Cup Brown Sugar



  1. Pour 5 Cans Twisted Tea into a large container, and whisk in salt, pepper, and brown sugar.
  2. Add whole turkey, and submerge; keep in liquid for at least 2 hours, and up to 24.
  3. Remove, place on tray, and place tray in refrigerator for one hour.
  4. Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees.
  5. Place turkey on a sheet tray, standing up, with 6th can of Twisted Tea opened and inserted into the bottom, between the legs.
  6. Cook until turkey is fully cooked through, and thermometer reads at 160 degrees at the bone.
  7. Remove and allow to stand for 15 minutes before carving.


Notes:  It’s pretty much fact at this point; brining is better.  When it comes to turkey, giving the bird time to absorb the flavors of Twisted Tea in a simple brine will only result in a finished bird that’s juicer and more flavorful.  Feel free to add any spices you want to the brine here, as the tea flavor plays well with almost any fall flavor!


The one-and-only Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea is:

  • A hard tea brewed with real tea leaves
  • Uncarbonated
  • 5% ABV for easy drinking
  • Available in 12 oz. and 24 oz. cans (which go anywhere bottles can’t!)
  • Available all over the US and Canada

Availability: Twisted Tea is available year-round and nationwide in 6-pack cans and bottles, 12-pack cans and bottles, and 24oz single serve cans. Twisted Tea Original is also available to enjoy with friends in a 5-liter and 10-liter Bag N’ Box. Price and packaging vary by market. To find Twisted Tea near you, visit:

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[1] IRI, Total US MULO + Conv Latest 52 Weeks as of 10/29/2017 [will update date accordingly]


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