Santikos Entertainment is Having a Star Wars Contest and Fan Fare

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Santikos Entertainment is Having a Star Wars Contest and Fan Fare

Santikos Entertainment is Hosting a Star Wars Contest and Fan Fare

Santikos Entertainment today announced plans to host Star Wars contests at seven of its San Antonio locations on December 14th, 2017 when Star Wars: The Last Jedipremiers.


These contests will take place at Santikos Embassy, Santikos Mayan, Santikos Casa Blanca, Santikos Palladium, Santikos Northwest, Santikos Rialto, and Santikos Silverado. All contests will take place on December 14th beginning with check-in at 5:00 pm, judging at 5:30 pm and awards immediately following. Fans are encouraged to come to any of the seven locations dressed as their favorite Star Wars’ character.

Santikos entertainment

We also invite the general public to come out to cheer for their favorites. This movie influencer and local San Antonio influencer invites the public to join in the fun and may the force be with you.


Guests who choose to participate must check in and register with theater security.  To gain access in costume, guests must provide a photo ID; a legal guardian with photo ID must accompany costumed minors.  In order to ensure guests safety, increased security measures will be taken at all locations.


First and second place prizes will be awarded at each theatre location.


Each 1st place winner will receive the following:

  • $500.00 cash prize, additionally Santikos will match the prize with a $500 donation to a charity of the winner’s choice (list provided by the San Antonio Area Foundation).
  • Four (4) collectable Star Wars pint glasses
  • Four (4) collectable 130 oz. popcorn tins
  • Four (4) family four packs which include tickets, popcorn vouchers and drink vouchers


Each 2nd place winner will receive the following:

  • Two (2) collectable Star Wars pint glasses
  • Two (2) collectable 130 oz. popcorn tins
  • Two (2) family four packs which include tickets, popcorn vouchers and drink vouchers


“Dressing in costume is a fun way to enhance the movie-going experience for films like Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  In years past, it has been an integral part of the movie premier experience and we love being a part of that!” said David Holmes, CEO of Santikos Entertainment. “We also love the opportunity to bring the community into our mission of giving back by matching the cash prize with a donation to the charity of their choice.” Santikos will provide a local charitable list for winners to choose from that will be provided by the San Antonio Area Foundation.

In addition to the contest, Santikos is offering 24 hours of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Santikos Palladium and Santikos Casa Blanca. “Everyone in the galaxy wants to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Santikos is not closing until every last Jedi has seen it,” added Mr. Holmes.


To preserve the enjoyment of all guests, Santikos ask that participants observe the following rules:


  • Anything resembling a real weapon will not be allowed inside the building (light sabers excluded for pictures only). No costume items or accessories that resemble a real weapon or firearm.
  • Full costumes (including masks) are welcome in the lobby areas only but masks, props, bulky costumes, face paint and light sabers are not allowed into auditoriums. This includes lightsabers and face-obscuring hoods. Bulky items which could obscure screen viewing or seat utilization will not be allowed past the ticket drop.
  • No play fighting will be allowed at any time.
  • Participants with costumes must make provisions for returning the costumes to their vehicle or make other provisions for pick-up before show time. No storing of any items at theater.
  • Santikos theaters are family-friendly venues; please ensure costumes are tasteful at all times. No inappropriate or see-through clothing material that may violate the family-friendly environment will be allowed.
  • Santikos Entertainment reserves the right to inspect content of any parcels, large purses, bags, etc. If prohibited items are present in the bag or present on the costume, the guest will be asked to secure the item(s) in their vehicle.
  • To review these rules and other Star Wars events please


About Santikos Entertainment

Santikos Entertainment

Founded in 1911, San Antonio-based Santikos Entertainment operates eight movie theaters locally, with 103 screens and more than 17,000 seats.


Santikos theaters are known for providing localized and unique entertainment experiences, including large-format screens, cutting-edge audio and visual technology, and groundbreaking amenities for the cinema industry, such as bowling and full service in-theater dining.


In 2015, Santikos Entertainment became the only theater company in the country to operate as a social enterprise benefitting its local community. Its mission is to return theater proceeds to San Antonio area non-profit groups through the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation (held at the San Antonio Area Foundation). Contributions to the San Antonio Area Foundation total more than $40 million since Mr. Santikos’ death.

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