New Pharma from the Farm Launches in the Alamo City

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New Pharma from the Farm Launches in the Alamo City

New Pharma from the Farm is a Texas-Based, Texas-Grown Black Garlic Supplement

New Pharma from the Farm is a San Antonio-based company and the first to offer a black garlic supplement made with Texas garlic. It’s also the first food grade supplement, as it contains only concentrated black garlic powder and organic rice flour and is made with zero fillers. Although black garlic has become a popular ingredient among chefs and food enthusiasts, many have yet to discover its extraordinary health properties.

Black Garlic is simply white garlic that is aged (caramelized) for one to two months using controlled heat and humidity. However, once this process is complete, the health benefits skyrocket. Current research indicates that this all-natural product supports healthy immune function and heart health, helps maintain blood pressure levels and aids in blood sugar balance, as well as has five times the antioxidant power of regular garlic. It’s also currently being studied for its effects on cancerous growths.

As a food writer & local San Antonio influencer I like to let my readers know about new healthy products on the market when I find them. Especially products from San Antonio. This foodie has tried Texas Black Gold Garlic, both in bulb form and many of their products. I love the flavor this garlic adds to whatever I’m using it in and I also like knowing it has so many healthy benefits.

New Pharma

New Pharma from the Farm

According to an article in Biochemical Pharmacology, S-Allyl cysteine, also referred to as SAC (one of the key properties found in black garlic), “not only prevents but also treats cancer and other diseases.”

Company Founder, Stephen Paprocki, has been working with black garlic for years now and is best known as the owner of the nationally award-winning, Texas Black Gold Garlic (TBGG), as well as the President of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Chef Cooperatives. TBGG’s black garlic is sold internationally to wholesalers.

New Pharma

“Black garlic is unknown to many people, and some folks just don’t like garlic and so they’re not open to trying it, but there’s no denying how good it is for you – I live off the stuff, and so we wanted to develop a supplement that people could take daily. This way they get the health benefits without having to eat it,” said Paprocki.

Paprocki, along with partners Matthew Molpus (also of True Wellness), and Rick Gonzales (also of the Law Office of Rick Gonzales) are proud to be able to source from organic and beyond organic Texas farmers, working closely with them to ensure quality. “One of the most important aspects of what we do is offer a seed program for our farmers. Texas Black Gold Garlic purchases seeds to give to contracted farmers, and they get to keep a portion of the seeds that they can grow and sell at farmers markets. Our mission goes beyond just the wellness of our bodies – it extends to the wellness of our planet,” said Paprocki.

Pharma from the Farm is now taking pre-orders online for their 60-count supplement, which is currently available for a limited-time discounted price of $18.95, with delivery scheduled for the first week of January. The company also plans to start offering their product through health food and retail stores as early as February 2018.

For more information, please visit or call 210.854.4479.

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