Big Bend Brewing is Getting a Face-lift

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Big Bend Brewing is Getting a Face-lift

Big Bend Brewing is Getting a Face-lift and a Second Home

It’s all new at Big Bend Brewing Co., new cans, new designs, new names and a new location. But even with all this newness, it’s still the same great beer.

Founded in Alpine in 2012 not far from the Big Bend State Park, some individuals ventured out to this high desert to brew beer. Living in the desert can bring on a big thirst and beer can quench that thirst.

Now as the brewery expands, its plan is to put down more roots in San Antonio, a beer friendly city. So “The Beer From Out Here” is coming to the Alamo City and will be flowing across the great state of Texas.

The Classic line, born in West Texas, is brew made from the same passion, hard work and humility as the people who shaped that region. This line includes:

  • The National Park Hefeweizen
  • La Frontera IPA
  • Terlingua Gold Pale Ale

Big Bend Brewing

“The Beer From Out Here” is a tribute to the trailblazers who came before us and a toast to those who will follow. “The Beer From Out Here” would hold up to any premium pale ale and weizen brew. I really enjoyed the Classic line and would quench my thirst anytime with these beers.

The Tejas line is “Life Wide Open” domestic imports. A brewsky you can drink any time, any place with anyone, especially your Texas neighbors. It includes:

  • Tejas Clara
  • Tejas Negra
  • Tejas Prima

Big Bend Brewing

This line is for sharing the spirit of this great state. Except for the Negra, I found this line to be a lighter beer similar to the beers that made the Alamo City a brewing city years ago. Good flavor, lighter taste and they pair wonderfully with everything.

Big Bend Brewing plans to open their San Antonio location in 2018. Watch for their Tejas & Classic lines, as well as seasonal & limited edition brews to start showing up soon. When you see it, grab a 6-pack and give it a try. Or even better, venture out West and visit the brewery where it all started, listen to their story and have a cold one.

Big Bend Brewing

Big Bend Brewing Co. has no affiliation with the National Park Service. Also Big Bend Brewing Company’s website and products are not endorsed by the National Park Service.

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review.  But don’t worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

Location: 3401 West Highway 90, Alpine, TX

Phone: 432.837.3700

Tap Room Hours:

Monday, Thursday & Friday 4pm – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 8pm

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