How New Single Clove Garlic is Saving You Money

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How New Single Clove Garlic is Saving You Money

How New Single Clove Garlic is Saving You Money and Helping Local Farmers

Texas Black Gold Garlic wants you to know how new single clove garlic will save you money while also helping local farmers.

Texas Black Gold Garlic is now working with local farmers, including permaculture farm, Talking Tree Farm, to grow a rare, patent pending single clove garlic to produce their black garlic products. The first-ever in Texas! 
How New Single Clove Garlic
They’ve also been developing a seed program with their farmers over the past two years, where they pay for garlic seeds up front and buy back the harvested garlic. They’re now working on a single clove garlic seed program.
Savings are passed on to the consumer thanks to the shorter production time. While whole clove garlic takes anywhere from 40-60 days to ferment, the single clove garlic (an Indian variety) only takes 25 days. 
When sold commercially, the single clove garlic is more expensive due to its high quality and convenience. Farmers can sell it for $16.99 a pound. In fact, they allow their farmers to keep a percentage of the crop as part of their mission to help local farmers in every way they can. 
For more information or to place an order, CALL 210.854.4479.

What is Texas Black Gold Garlic

Locally grown garlic bulbs are harvested then heated or “fermented” from one to two months at a constant temperature that causes enzymes and sugars in the cloves to break down naturally. Nothing is added.
The cloves inside the paper thin white skins turn a deep brown and once the process is complete, a soft black. The texture of the cloves changes, too, from shiny, firm, white meat to black, soft, sweet, spreadable cloves. The process also causes the strong flavor of the white garlic to melt into a mellow, sweet addictive essence ready to be used straight from the bulb or cooked in other dishes.
We prepare the bulbs with great care for you. The more we work with Texas Black Gold Garlic, the more we learn to use it to create spectacular meals, from salads, tapas, entrees to desserts. We look forward to hearing all the different ways you will use this terrific ingredient!
How New Single Clove Garlic

How New Single Clove Garlic is used

About Texas Black Gold Garlic

Texas Black Gold Garlic is made from Texas grown garlic from our farms to your table.

The rich black cloves of Texas Black Gold Garlic are created from white garlic grown right here in Texas thanks to local farmers. The company donates 5 percent of all proceeds generated by the sale of Black Garlic to the Chef Coopeatives initiative, a group of chefs who host and create quarterly farm-to-table dinners to benefit local Texas farmers – one farm at a time.

While the origin of Black Garlic remains an enigma, in Asia, the naturally caramelized form of the bulb is a culinary delicacy that has also been used as an ingredient in Asian medicine for years. Black Garlic is growing steadily in popularity in the U.S. for its opulently layered flavor profile and for its potential health benefits.

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