Fuzzys Taco Shop Celebrates its Favorite Day of the Year

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Fuzzys Taco Shop Celebrates its Favorite Day of the Year

Fuzzys Taco Shop Celebrates National Taco Day With $1 Tacos

Head to Fuzzys Taco Shop for dollar tacos to celebrate the best national food holiday of the year, National Taco Day October 4th!


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is celebrating its favorite day of the year, National Taco Day, with $1 tacos all-day-long on October 4, 2017. The dollar taco deal will include most of Fuzzy’s Baja Tacos—including their breakfast tacos. Guests can choose from a crunchy or soft shell, but why pick one when you can have both? Come see for yourself what has people lining out the door, all in the name of tacos.

Fuzzys Taco Shop

Fuzzys Taco Shop Baja Tacos Shredded Chicken

Last year’s most popular $1 taco on National Taco Day was the shredded chicken taco, followed by the special ground beef taco. Have you always wondered if you were a fish taco fan, but didn’t want to spend the money to find out? Well this is your chance to lay that question to rest. National Taco Day is the perfect opportunity for folks looking for an excuse to load up on their favorite taco, or explore all the various tacos Fuzzy’s offers. The fajita, shrimp, and “California Heat” tacos are not included in the National Taco Day promotion, nor are to-go orders.


Fuzzy Taco Shop’s signature Baja Tacos are served on the guests’ choice of a soft or crispy shell, and consist of the diner’s choice of protein including chicken, brisket, ground beef, pork, veggies, grilled or tempura fish, grilled or tempura shrimp, fajita chicken, or fajita beef, and topped with garlic sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, cilantro and feta. Fuzzy’s breakfast tacos feature the guest’s choice of eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes, chorizo and shrimp.

Fuzzys Taco Shop

Fuzzys Taco Shop Baja Taco Grilled Fish

Taco-lovers can also enjoy mouth-watering starters, including chips paired with queso, jalapeño bottle caps, fire-roasted salsa, or guacamole, and essential sides such as black or Borracho beans with pico de gallo, mix-mex fried rice, cilantro-lime rice, Latin-fried potatoes, and refried beans. Delicious desserts are the perfect way to complete any meal at Fuzzy’s, and beverage service showcases soft drinks, tea, beer, and signature margaritas.


For more information visit, www.FuzzysTacoShop.com. Like Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and Instagram for updates on promotions and your daily fix of taco pictures.


About Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

The original Fuzzy’s Taco Shop on Berry Street in Fort Worth, Texas is where the brand’s version of taco heaven was created in 2003. It would have frosty drinks. It would have good vibes. It would be a huge, craving-inducing success. With the continued dedication to serve fresh Mexican-food favorites and the addition of frosty drinks, Fuzzy’s earned a cult-like following, and that first location turned into more than 100 across the country. So no matter where you roam, you’re never far from Baja tacos, guac and chips, and frozen margaritas. That is reason enough to celebrate with some, as far as we’re concerned. For more information on Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, please visit their websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter pages.

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