San Antonio Composer Scores Big for an Exciting New Sci-Fi Drama

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San Antonio Composer Scores Big for an Exciting New Sci-Fi Drama

San Antonio Composer, Nathan Felix, Wrote the Music for Hard Reset

The music in Hard Reset, a 3D Sci-Fi film that was featured at the SA Film Festival this year, was scored by San Antonio composer Nathan Felix. (To find out more about Nathan, please read the short bio below.)

The short action film was directed by Deepak Chetty and co-written by David Bukstein and Deepak Chetty.

The dawn of artificially intelligent androids is upon us. During a rebellion which threatens to destabilize the delicate balance between man and machine, young detective must choose between synthetic freedom and the future of humankind.
 San Antonio composer
In the distant future: a controlling corporate government, govcentral, aims to eliminate a newly minted faction of rebels called the emancipators whose goal is to provide freedom for all Synths. Synths are artificially intelligent bio-mechanical androids that are restricted into subservient roles within every strata of human society. Human, but not human – they have personalities and identities yet have no true freedoms in regards to choice and wants. They exist for one purpose alone: to serve. The emancipators believe that restricting the Synths, who are capable of true sentience like human being is tantamount to slavery, and wish to break their bonds and allow them to have the ability to control their own destiny.
San Antonio composer
Producer:  David Bukstein
Composer:  Nathan Felix
Running Time:  40:05
Distribution:  Steam (October available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon)
Year:  July 2017
About Nathan Felix
San Antonio composer
Disenchanted with the world of punk, self-trained, Mexican-American, composer Nathan Felix found solace in the structure and arrangements of classical music somewhat by chance. Fueled by the crazy idea of writing a full symphony, he chose to bypass the rock n roll lifestyle after 3 albums and constant world touring, to focus all of his energy on composing the classical way.
In addition to his recent work with orchestra, Felix served as an official music ambassador for the US in China and composed music for a series of PSA’s for an international campaign by LIVESTRONG to raise cancer awareness in China and Mexico. In late in 2014, Felix reformed his band, The Noise Revival Orchestra, for a tour in Asia highlighted by festival dates in Japan and Taiwan where TNRO performed for crowds of 35,000 and 50,000!

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