Spurs Chocolates are at Chocollazo Chocolatier + Confectionary

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Spurs Chocolates are at Chocollazo Chocolatier + Confectionary

Spurs Chocolates at Chocollazo Sweeten the Season for Spurs Fans

Chocollazo is prepping for a new season of Spurs basketball with specially painted Spurs chocolates. The specialty treats will be available all season long, but on game days when the Spurs are looking for a spot in the playoffs, Chocollazo customers can hunt the store for Spurs treats at a 50% off discount. These gourmet hand painted chocolates are the perfect gift for even the newest Spurs fan. Go Spurs Go!

 Spurs chocolates

San Antonio’s first and only chocolate-centric food truck now has brick and mortar locations on Broadway in Alamo Heights and Lackland Air Force Base!

Chocollazo is the sweet combination of dessert restaurant, chocolate shop, ice cream parlor and candy emporium. Our chocolate truffles, confections are made in-house by our our chocolatier, Mary Collazo and Pastry Chef Jenni Williams. We offer Haagen-Dazs ice cream and unique variety of nostalgic and hard-to-find candy. From elegant to whimsical, Chocollazo offers something for everyone.

Spurs chocolates

4013 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209


Social Media:
Facebook: @chocollazo
Instagram: @chocollazo
Twitter: @chocollazo
Hours and days of operation:
Sun: 12-6
Tue/Wed/Thurs: 10-6
Fri/Sat: 10-9
Whimsical creations abound at Chocollazo, where chocolatier and owner Mary Collazo conjures an array of sinful delights, from infused truffles to a chocolate baklava and much more. Chocollazo is a dessert restaurant, chocolate shop, ice cream parlor and candy emporium. Stroll into this stylist storefront just north of downtown San Antonio and let the aromas transport you to a magical place, where chocolate dreams come true.

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