Tiny Texas BBQ Joint that Delivers Powerful Flavor

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Tiny Texas BBQ Joint that Delivers Powerful Flavor

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint, Shugabees in Buda Texas, Makes Delicious BBQ Wrapped in a Tortilla

Shugabees may be a tiny Texas BBQ joint, but they are sure big on great, flavorful BBQ. Located in Buda, Texas at 1750 S. FM 1620 right next to Bucks Backyard, they may be a little hard to find, but when you do find them, you will be rewarded with some of the most amazing BBQ south of Austin. This family-friendly food wagon is pure Texas with it’s delicious organic BBQ, country music, and dining under gigantic Texas oaks overlooking Onion Creek. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

Shugabees’ food is a little different from food found at the typical Texas BBQ place. They slice their brisket and pork then wrap it in one of their huge homemade flour tortillas. These tacos are so big, (small is 1/4 lb. of meat and large is 1/2 lb.) that they will fill up just about any hungry belly. The meat is definitely the show stopper here as it should be. Vic Garcia, owner and pitmaster of Shugabees says he loves watching people’s faces when they take their first bite of his BBQ. “I love turning people on to good food”, says Vic.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

And good it is, here at this little barbecue wagon. I tried a sampling of everything and I want to say that the meats (brisket & pork) were all juicy and tender just like you would hope for. You can order the brisket lean or marbled. Personally I like marbled because it has so much more flavor. The pork is marinated in a slightly spicy mustard chipotle sauce giving it a wonderful flavor. They also have a smoked sausage on the menu. Another option is a bit unusual for a cue place. The smoked chicken salad made with pit smoked chicken, green apples, black olives and pecans also comes wrapped in a flour tortilla. I was a little skeptical about this item and Vic told me that’s the usual reaction he gets from most folks. I am so glad I tried it because I think it just might be my favorite dish on the menu. If you seem a little hesitant on any item, Shugabees says to try a free sample of it before you buy. They don’t want anyone unhappy with their order. If you don’t have time to eat here, you can get meat by the pound to take home, if you wish.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

They have several homemade sauces to choose from if you have to have something on your meat. There is the Texas BBQ sauce which is what most people are used to. Then there is the Shugabees Mustard Twang made with mustard and chipotle, the Shugabees Orange Habanero Honey and the Shugabees Habanero Sting. You have probably never tried anything like these three, so be sure to give them a taste test cause I think you a gonna like them.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

Be sure to add a side of their delicious potato salad to go with your taco. It comes in two flavors, regular which is a yellow mustard and dill base and the spicy which is jalapeno based. Both are really good, but I am told that they did a customer taste test and the jalapeno has won out 3 to 1. It does have a bit of a kick, so if you don’t like spicy, be careful.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

This food joint is also known for their Beenana Shugapuddin (banana pudding). I tried it and I cast my vote for keeping it on the menu. This puddin is homemade; the bananas are fresh and the nilla wafers are cakey on the bottom and crispy on the top. And it even has a dollop of real whipped cream. There is a knack to eating each bite, so be sure you ask for instructions before you dig in. If you happen to be one who absolutely doesn’t like banana pudding, they also make a pretty mean chocolate pudding (Beechocolate Shugapuddin) too.

There is also a small handful of sodas (both regular and diet) and cold bottled water to help wash everything down.

Tiny Texas BBQ Joint

Shugabees has outdoor patio tables where you can dine under the big oaks. Since they are located next to Bucks Backyard, a bar and event venue, you can also enjoy Shugabees BBQ at Bucks indoor or outdoor areas while enjoying a cold beer or cocktail. While at Bucks, should you get a hankering for some BBQ, call Shugabees ((512) 749-6340) and place an order. Then walk over, pick it up and either eat it here or take back to Bucks.

They also do catering. Check out their catering video below:

Shugabees is equipped with several fire pits inviting friendly conversation and get-togethers under the oaks and the bright Texas stars. Smoking is permitted and they are dog (and horse) friendly. This is Texas y’all!

***Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

Location: 1750 S FM 1626, Buda, Texas

Phone: (512) 749-6340


Closed Monday

Tuesday – Thursdays from 11 am – 2 pm, 4 – 7pm or until SOLD OUT

Fridays and Saturdays 11am – 10 pm or until SOLD OUT

Sunday 11am – 5pm or until SOLD OUT


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