South Americas Capital of Cool Abounds with Festivals Throughout the Year

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South Americas Capital of Cool Abounds with Festivals Throughout the Year

South Americas Capital of Cool, Buenos Aires, will Fill Up Your 2017 Calendar

Buenos Aires, South Americas Capital of cool, is a city renowned for its vivacity, cuisine, passionate people and unique culture that gets even more thrilling and interesting in 2017, with a top-notch lineup of festivals and events. Travelers visiting Buenos Aires this year will have many things to see and do including agricultural festivals, tango competitions, design and fashion events, and gay parades. Festivals are also a great way to meet the Porteño locals, who are known for their warmth and welcoming attitude.

Upcoming events in the City of Many Passions during the second half of the year, include:

Exposición La Rural Country Show

Held from July 19-30, the Exposición La Rural is one of the world’s largest and most famous annual livestock shows. “La Rural” has taken place every July since 1886. Organized by the Argentine Rural Society, and hosted at the society’s exhibition center and showground, the event became a fixture on the upper classes’ social scene in the early twentieth century and remains a spectacle for the whole family. It features hundreds of stands and thousands of animals, particularly cattle, with competitions in various categories and displays of acrobatic gaucho skills. A little-known secret of La Rural is that it is also a gourmand’s delight offering national delicacies, specially crafted food, exotic honeys and other agriculture bounty. Click here for more information.

Tango Festival and World Cup 2017

The annual Tango Festival and World Cup 2017, held Aug. 10-23, is a jam-packed two weeks of concerts, shows, classes and milongas in honor of Argentina’s cultural gift to the world and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: the tango. Visitors from across the globe will converge in Buenos Aires for the festival, with couples filling venue after venue. The annual event also includes the Mundial de Tango, the world’s most important international tango dance competition. For more information, click here.

South Americas Capital of Cool

South Americas Capital of Cool

August’s LGBT Diversity Events and November’s Pride Parade

Clearly, a city that is the capital of Latin America’s first country to legalize same-sex marriage knows how to put out the rainbow carpet for LGBT tourists and allies, with a variety of gay themed events. Diversa is the city’s celebration of diversity, held Aug. 14-18, with same-sex tango events, drag shows, the G360 LGBT Travel Conference and so much more.

Later during the year, on Nov. 4, the 26th edition of Argentina’s National Pride Parade kicks off in the heart of the city, Plaza de Mayo, and continues down Avenida de Mayo, with music, dance, floats and a kaleidoscope of color. The first march in 1992 was led by Carlos Jauregui, who was recently honored with the renamed and newly renovated Carlos Jauregui subway station complete with rainbow stairs, and attracted a mere 300 people, many wearing masks to conceal their identity. Today, Buenos Aires has become the LGBT destination of choice in Latin America and the Marcha del Orgullo – Pride March – attracts more than 100,000 people from all over the world.

News Bet4Pride, a news platform designed to bring the LGBT+ community together has put together a comprehensive guide, Ultimate Guide to LGBT+ ,that contains everything you need to know about LGBT+ community.

Puro Diseño Design Fair

Held from Sept. 14-17, Puro Diseño is Latin America’s most important design fair. Born over 15 years ago as Argentina sought to recover from its economic crisis, Puro Diseño was a successful attempt by designers to showcase local designs. The small fair became the biggest in Latin America, and now attracts more than 400 exhibitors of the latest trends in fashion, accessories, jewelry, decorations, graphic design, home furnishings, textiles, photography and illustration. Click here for more information.

Vinos and Bodegas Festival

Held Sept. 15-17, the 16th annual Vinos and Bodegas Festival is aimed at popularizing home-grown brands. Grape connoisseurs can enjoy four glorious days of wine choices with over 1,000 different labels to sample, as well as specialist tastings, seminars, and master chef demonstrations on wine and food pairing. The entry cost is about $15 USD, which includes event entrance and 12 tastings. More information here.

South Americas Capital of Cool

South Americas Capital of Cool

Ciudad Emergente Festival

The streets come alive from Sept. 20-24, during Buenos Aires’ festival of new and alternative music, dance, theatre and arts. Ciudad Emergente presents the best and latest of the city’s young talent, covering everything from alternative rock and electronic music to photography, film, stand-up comedy, poetry, and dance. It’s a window into the city’s latest cultural developments and guarantees something for every taste. All events at the festival are free. For more information, click here.

FIBA: Buenos Aires International Theatre Festival

One of the most important events in the global theatre circuit is FIBA, the Buenos Aires International Theatre Festival, held this year on Oct. 5-21. This bi-annual event celebrates international classical and contemporary theatre, with over 25 venues throughout Buenos Aires showing dozens of productions from companies across the globe. Click here for more information.

South Americas Capital of Cool

South Americas Capital of Cool

Buenos Aires Marathon

The Buenos Aires marathon is the largest event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, attracting up to 12,000 runners from around the world every southern spring. Taking place on Oct. 15, the route takes in some of the city’s most emblematic, historic and symbolic sites, such as the Obelisk, the Cabildo, the Teatro Colón, the Plaza de Mayo, the Casa Rosada, the Tres de Febrero park, and the neighborhoods of La Boca and Puerto Madero. This race is preceded by the Buenos Aires half marathon on Sept. 10, and followed by a 1/4 marathon (10.5km) on Nov. 19, and a 1/8 marathon (5.2 km) on Dec. 3. Click here for more information.

Argentine Open Polo Tournament

The 124th Argentine Open Polo Tournament takes place between Nov. 12 and Dec. 10, as the country hosts the best teams from around the globe. Boasting the highest number of 10-goal players in the sport, Argentina has long been regarded as polo’s mecca, and the annual Open in Buenos Aires is considered the most important international championship at club level. It takes place at the Argentine Polo Ground in Palermo. Restaurants and bars in the surrounding Las Cañitas neighborhood fill with celebrating players and fans during matches. For more information, click here.

South Americas Capital of Cool

South Americas Capital of Cool

Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival

Jazz lovers will find everything from classic bebop, to jazz fusion, swing and Argentina’s own special jazz hybrid – nuevo tango – celebrated at the annual BA International Jazz Festival Nov. 15-20. The festival inaugurated in 2008 and hosts some of the best international talents. Click here for more information.

With so many festivals on the calendar, it is always a good time to visit Buenos Aires. More information on festivals in Buenos Aires can be found at and

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