Awesome Food Truck Celebrates Two Year Anniversary with a Sunday Social

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Awesome Food Truck Celebrates Two Year Anniversary with a Sunday Social

Awesome Food Truck, Box Street Social, is Celebrating Two Year Anniversary

Awesome food truck, The Box Street Social, will be celebrating their two year anniversary with a Sunday Social at Alamo Beer on August 20th from 12pm to 4pm.

For two years, The Box Street Social had provided San Antonio, and its surrounding cities, the best food truck and catering service. The Box Social all started out as an idea by their founders, Chef Edward Garcia III and Daniel Trevino. Just two guys focused on good food and good times. Together they brought this culinary dream to a reality, but it had to be perfect.

The amount of time and passion these two determined men put into the establishment of The Box Street Social was, and still is, amazing. They wanted the recipes to be tasty and innovative, but also something recognizable. Chef Edward Garcia is proud of the simplicity of his creations, and claims anyone can make these delicious meals in their own kitchen.

Awesome Food Truck

After Edward and Daniel established The Box Street Social, it was time to bring a team together. Edward didn’t have to search far as he found the best and hardest workers right within his family. They understood how much The Box Street Social meant to Edward and they wanted to help bring it to success.

For two years, this has been the key to success. As always though, The Box Street Social, is trying to go further and improve every day. They’re celebrating this great accomplishment on August 20th at Alamo Beer Co. with a Sunday Social. Bring your friends, enjoy a beer and hang out with The Box Street Social on this special day.

They will be serving up all the favorites from their menu. Plus, they will have a special treat for everyone; a traditional paella! This paella is a traditional Spanish dish made with garlic, onions, bell peppers, chicken, sausage, pork, fish, mussels, clams, tomatoes, peas and rice.

Awesome Food Truck

The Box Street social is a food truck and catering service for San Antonio and the surrounding cities. Their service brings the true art of cooking to the world of food trucks. Mixing the knowledge of food science, and nutrition this business will provide guests with a tasteful experience that will be pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate. To find out what the Box Street Social is up to, go to or follow their social media for updates.

More Information: 
The Box Street Social
Chef Edward Garcia, III
(210) 920-1602

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