Argentinian Inspired Cuisine Now at Restaurant Gwendolyn

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Argentinian Inspired Cuisine Now at Restaurant Gwendolyn

Argentinian Inspired Cuisine Stimulates the Palate at Restaurant Gwendolyn

Restaurant Gwendolyn’s new menu features the diversity of Argentinian inspired cuisine but you need to hurry in to catch it as it will only be available 3 more weeks.

Argentina’s cuisine is very diverse thanks to the influx of immigrants from all over the world. The cultural blending of Mediterranean from countries like Spain and Italy are seen in many of their dishes, but you will also find dishes influenced by other cultures such as Middle Eastern, German, and Japanese. Restaurant Gwendolyn’s newest menu is inspired by Argentinian dishes each reflecting these diverse cultural influences.

Restaurant Gwendolyn changes its lunch menu every four weeks to reflect a different country or cuisine making it a great way to learn about foods from other areas without having to leave the city. It’s also a great way to keep you coming back which you’ll want to do once you eat here.

This restaurant, owned by renowned Chef Michael Sohocki, has a different philosophy about food and food preparation. Chef believes in taking things back a bit to a place where everything was prepared by hand in our own home with only a few exceptions. A day when we shopped for fresh food in our own community or grew our vegetables in the backyard. We made our own sauces, preserves and jelly from scratch. Most of the time we hunted our own food or knew a local farmer where we could get a cow or pig butchered. A day when we used no processed foods because there weren’t any available and we used more elbow grease instead of nifty kitchen appliances. Chef Sohocki wants you to taste real, clean food so everything at Gwendolyn is harvested within 150 miles of their table and made the old fashioned way before the “break of the industrial revolution”. Everything here is aimed at keeping the food honest.

This Argentinian menu features two appetizers, four entrees and a dessert.

Starters include a Charcuterie or Artisanal Cheeses with pickles and preserves. This plate just might be considered an entree to many!

The second starter is a Empanada plate (2) with a dough much like a Calzone filled with a mixture of ground beef & vegetables, olives and eggs seasoned with an Italian spice blend. I think this dish is a mixture of both Spanish and Italian influences. Unlike the empanadas from Mexico, the bread was a little heavier which made it easier to pick them up to eat so as not to lose the filling by cutting with a knife and fork. This dish had great flavor.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

Argentinian inspired cuisine

There was a vegetable salad entree, Ensalada Asado, with grilled peppers, eggplant and squash which had been marinated in a red wine vinaigrette and then topped with pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds added a nice nutty flavor to the salad. This comes with Argentinian biscotti, toasted slices of grilled bread with fresh butter. This is a perfect meal for a vegetarian. And yes, it will fill you up.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

Milanesa is a sandwich made with thin slices of beef pounded even thinner making it tender to bite into. Breaded and fried, this one is topped with a fresh tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese and wrapped in a light, fresh bun making it an Italian torta in all its glory.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

The Choripan is a beef and pork chorizo sausage halved and lightly grilled placed atop fresh, thick sliced tomatoes on the same bread as the Milaneso. This sandwich is a popular street food of Spain.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

Argentinian inspired cuisine

The Beef Churrasco is indicative of the grilled meats we associate as pure Argentinian cuisine. This shish kebab has tender marinated chunks of beef threaded between the red wine marinated vegetables and grilled just to char but leave the vegetable crunchy. Both sandwiches and the Beef Churrasco are served with roasted potatoes seasoned with Italian herbs and a touch of salt as well as a fresh chimichurri sauce made with herb, garlic and vinegar for dipping or spreading.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

Argentinian inspired cuisine

For dessert there is the cinnamon sugar dusted Churros when comes with a small jar of dulce de leche ice cream drizzled with caramel. If you want to eat ice cream instead of cream, you will need to eat this one fast as this fresh made ice cream melts quickly! But no worries if it does melt as it makes a great dipping sauce for the warm crispy Churros.

Argentinian inspired cuisine

This menu is presented by Andreas Imhof, Fred Gonzalez, Victor Cortez, Jeremy Casas, and Nate Cunningham.

If you want to try out this menu, stop by now as it will only be featured 3 more weeks. After that it is gone forever! Enjoy indoor or outdoor patio dining on the river.

***Full Disclosure: I received lunch in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% mine.***

Location: 152 E. Pecan, #100, San Antonio

Phone: 210.222.1849



Closed Sunday and Monday

Lunch is served Tuesday – Friday from 11:00am to 1:30pm, Dinner 5:30 – 10:00pm

Saturday: Dinner – 5:30 – 10:00pm

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