Award Winning Casa Noble Limited Production Tequila is at Las Canarias

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Award Winning Casa Noble Limited Production Tequila is at Las Canarias

Award Winning Casa Noble Limited Production Tequila, Alta Belleza, is at Las Canarias

Award winning Casa Noble is a small boutique brand in Jalisco, Mexico which produces some of the best rated tequila from organic 100% blue agave. In 2016 Casa Noble produced the inaugural volume 1 of a new limited production called Alta Belleza. Total production for this supreme tequila was 563 bottles with Las Canarias restaurant located at the Omni La Mansion del Rio in San Antonio acquiring bottle #450.


The tequila pays homage to two of the worlds finest territories, the famed To Kalon in Napa Valley and the rich agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico.  The tequila itself is a Casa Noble Extra Anejo, but it is finished in French Oak Barrels that were once used to age the famous Robert Mondavi Winery To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon.

Award winning Casa Noble

Some tasting notes would be that it does carry very distinctive flavors from the aging in the wine barrels and that also gives it such a beautiful  copper toned color.  You get hints of green apple, spice, toasted almond, cinnamon and sweet cooked agave.  This tequila is known for being the tequila to which all others are judged against and the “exquisite gem to savor”.


A bottle of Alta Belleza retails for $1,200. Las Canarias does offer the Alta Belleza in a special margarita that they sell for $225.00.  The margarita consists of the Alta Belleza Tequila, Grand Marnier 1880, Agave, Lime, and Vanilla Sorghum.  The other special thing about this margarita is that it comes in a hand blown margarita glass made locally by Gini Garcia at Garcia Art Glass.  Each glass is numbered and they only have 19 for the 19 portions in the bottle.  If you wish to not have it in a margarita, they can serve it to their guests straight up as well; a 1.5 ounce portion is $200.00.


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