Mixtli and The Granary = an Absolutely Awesome Dining Experience

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Mixtli and The Granary = an Absolutely Awesome Dining Experience

Mixtli and The Granary = Tejas Terroir Dinner on July 10

On July 10, Mixtli and The Granary are teaming up to present guests with an 8-course tasting menu that celebrates the flavors and terroir of Tejas.

Join The Granary Monday, July 10th  as we team up with our friends from Restaurant Mixtli to present guests with a phenomenal 8 Course Tasting Menu that celebrates the flavors & terroir of Tejas.

We are stoked to join forces with the dynamic duo of Chefs Rico Torres & Diego Galicia from Mixtli (recently named two of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2017) and their crew! This one-night-only event will present guests with 8 Course that explore the indigenous ingredients & flavors of the Texas landscape.  You don’t want to miss this collaboration from some of the city’s most creative chefs!

Mixtli and The Granary

The Granary

Mixtli and The Granary


WHAT:            On July 10, Mixtli’s Rico Torres & Diego Galicia are teaming up with The Granary’s Tim Rattray to present guests with an 8-course tasting menu that celebrates the flavors and terroir of Tejas.

PRICE:          Tickets are $125 per person

WHEN:           Monday, July 10
5:30pm – 8:30 pm (limited seating)

WHERE:         The Granary
602 Avenue A, San Antonio, TX 78215

HOW:              Reservations are required and seating is very limited. Please visit this link or call (210) 228-0124 to make a reservation.

About The Granary

The Granary is a restaurant and brewery that celebrates barbecue and beer. At lunch we serve traditional market style barbecue, while our dinner service presents a progressive, seasonally-driven menu, all enhanced with house craft brews.

We pride ourselves in running a from-scratch kitchen and procuring high quality, responsibly-sourced animals and seasonal produce.

About Mixtli

To define Mexican cuisine is impossible. Mexico is as diverse as it is vast. Within its borders lie rocky mountains, humid jungles, arid deserts, and endless coasts: a stark diversity that forced each region to develop uniquely rich cultural and culinary histories.

Like clouds, our menu travels from place to place offering a tour in Mexican gastronomy. Our Chefs table sits 12 guests per night, and we serve over 10 courses. The pairings, free of charge and donated by the Chefs, go from wine, through craft beers, spirits like Tequila, Sotol, or Mezcal, and even aguas frescas. The menu rotates every 45 days. We travel to the various regions and states of Mexico in each one of our dishes. If the state has a border with the ocean, we start our trek on the coast and work inland, bringing dishes specifically from that region or state. After those 45 days, the cloud travels to other lands and we start all over.

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