CE Group Rebrands to Better Reflect their Growth and Business Model

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CE Group Rebrands to Better Reflect their Growth and Business Model

CE Group Rebrands to Reflect on their Constant Evolution

After countless projects and productions, The CE Group rebrands to better reflect the company’s growth and current business model

The CE Group has been behind the scenes of San Antonio’s most transformative events and campaigns for more than 27 years. After countless projects and productions, The CE Group is rebranding to better reflect the company’s growth and current business model. From a newly branded tagline and division titles, to an integrated DMC division and redesigned website, The CE Group is constantly evolving.

New CE Tagline
The CE Group announces the tagline shift from “event based marketing” to “experience marketing”. In today’s digitally saturated world, meetings and events are more about hands on experiences, lasting connections, and impactful memories. The CE Group weaves these practices into its campaigns and events at every level to produce interactive experiences that engage, educate and influence.

“CE is often responsible for the first and last impression of the client experience. As a result, meticulous attention is paid to every detail, creating a meaningful encounter that is curated from head to toe. From the careful selection of keynote speakers, one-of-a-kind décor and branded swag to the meticulously thought out cultural tour or messaging for media campaigns, we are much more than just event planners. Our team is an assimilation of many disciplines brought together to offer our clients the most creative experience marketing solutions on the market,” explains Janet Holliday, President and CEO of The CE Group. The CE Group rebrands tagline.

CE Group rebrands


Clearly Defined Divisions
CE first opened its doors in 1990, offering the Alamo City two core divisions: Communications and Events. Still at the heart of CE services, those areas have evolved and expanded to both meet client’s broadening needs and to stay ahead of industry trends.  The CE Group now offers six core divisions: Event & Production Management, Public Relations & Marketing, Creative Services, National Sports & Events Marketing, Destination Management and Venue Management. To better brand each core service under the CE umbrella, each division has been renamed to include the well-known and respected “CE” in its title. CE has long been known as the go-to source for events and communications, but what some may not know is that CE has been wowing clients with these expanded services for years. This rebranding better defines the unique diversity within the CE talent pool, offering six dynamic divisions collectively united by excellence. View our new logos and division titles below.

Integration of Talent
CE best practices have proven that the most creative solutions often result from the collision of ideas across a broad range of disciplines. As a result, CE is further integrating all core services as early as the strategy stage to offer one cohesive experience. With a multiplicity of talent at the table, a more collaborative environment allows us to better serve each client’s unique goals.

CE Group rebrands

La Familia Cortez 75th Anniversary

Perhaps the largest transformation, Destination: San Antonio, the destination management division of The CE Group, will be known as CE DMC. A proud member of the world-renowned DMC network, CE DMC is joining forces with the CE National Events team to increase the division’s staff from two to seven.  This natural collaboration allows clients to choose from a broader collection of unique tours and experiences ranging from the well-known and historic to the obscure and off the beaten path.

CE Group rebrands

Corner Store Country Run

Redesigned Website
To continue the evolution and showcase the company’s rebranding, The CE Group has launched a redesigned website: www.cegroupinc.net. The website highlights, in detail, our six core services, current and past campaigns and events produced, along with the team behind it all. In addition, Goods Collective, The CE Group creative services division, has generated their own website: www.goodscollective.com.  From full brand and event identity development to designing and producing a myriad of goods – the website gives you full access to Goods Collective’s portfolio and displays their countless capabilities. The CE Group rebrands website.


About The CE Group
Founded in 1990, The CE Group is an experience based marketing company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with partner offices across the country through the DMC Network. Utilizing strategic and creative ideas, experiences and relevant communications, The CE Group has six core services: event and production management, destination management, public relations and marketing, national sports and events marketing, creative services and venue management. The CE Group is driven to produce excellence, create innovative partnership alliances and execute programs with integrity, commitment, flair and on a budget. For more information, find The CE Group on Facebook and Twitter, and visit www.cegroupinc.net.

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