Hopdoddy Celebrates Father’s Day with Juicy Lucy Special

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Hopdoddy Celebrates Father’s Day with Juicy Lucy Special

Hopdoddy Celebrates Father’s Day with a Burger Dad Won’t Want to Miss

Hopdoddy celebrates Father’s Day with their latest seasonal burger, the Juicy Lucy, filled with lots of things Dad likes.


Rolling out just in time for dad’s big day, the Juicy Lucy features a fresh ground Angus beef patty stuffed with melted Tillamook Cheddar and topped with a second slice of cheddar along with black pepper aioli and caramelized onions.


Treat dad to this melty, cheesy burger paired with a pint of local craft beer and a side of the burger bar’s hand cut Kennebec fries and you’re sure to be the favorite kid! Pro tip: Finish the meal off with a boozy adult milkshake to quickly excel to “golden child” status.

Hopdoddy Celebrates Father's Day

The Juicy Lucy ($13) is available for a limited time starting June 7 through Tuesday, June 20.


Other June specials:

Hopdoddy will still be featuring the Watermelon Mojito until the end of the month and the Orange Dreamsicle Shake until June 13. On June 14, Hopdoddy will switch over to aMaple Bacon Waffle Cone Shake featuring smoky bacon, sweet maple syrup and rich waffle cones blended to perfection with Hopdoddy’s house made ice cream. This shake is even better with a shot of local bourbon!

Hopdoddy Celebrates Father's Day Hopdoddy Celebrates Father's Day

Here are a few reasons why Hopdoddy would be the place to find a “Great Burger” for Father’s Day or anytime you get that craving for this American classic meal.


  1. Something for everyone – Hopdoddy is known for serving high-quality burgers featuring creative flavor combinations. Guests can enjoy Hopdoddy delicious burgers made from proteins like American grass fed Kobe Beef, turkey, bison, chicken, black beans, and sushi grade tuna finished with a variety of flavorful cheeses and toppings.
  2. Talk about fresh – Hopdoddy doesn’t cut corners. Ever. They butcher and grind their meats in-house daily, bake their homemade buns each morning and make their fries, sauces, liqueurs, burger toppings and more from scratch.
  3. More than just burgers – In addition to offering a wide variety of specialty burgers, Hopdoddy is also known for its hand cut Kennebec fries (topped with queso and truffle aioli, of course), delicious handspun milkshakes and local craft beer and spirits selection.
  4. There’s always something new – Hopdoddy offers limited time, seasonal burgers, shakes and cocktails on a regular basis. This helps keep the menu fresh and exciting for Hopdoddy regulars!






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