Gristmill in Gruene was on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, “Here’s the Beef”

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Gristmill in Gruene was on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, “Here’s the Beef”

Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar was on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise Last Month

Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar located in historic Gruene, Texas outside of New Braunfels was on Travel Channel’s Food Paradise last month. The Travel Channel’s Food Paradise is traveling coast to coast asking the question: “Where’s the beef”. In answer to the question the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar is one of the establishments featured in the segment, “Here’s the beef” taking you to the most sizzling hotspots for beef in the U.S.

Since 1977, the Gristmill has been serving south Texans and everyone else down-home Texas favorites. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this quaint restaurant has the perfect setting for watching tubers on the Guadalupe River, enjoying the Texas wildflowers, exploring historic Gruene and feasting on steak before heading next door to two-step the night away to music by some of Texas’ most iconic bands and artists. It’s no wonder it made the news!


You can enjoy mouthwatering specials either inside the refurbished historic building or outside on the patio under the large oak trees on the banks of the Guadalupe River. After filling your belly with burgers and pies, you might want to browse through the many shops around Gruene before heading out. Either way, this is the setting for a perfect day.

The Gristmill is featuring Lenten specials like this fried fish platter through April 13th.


About Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar

Situated on a bluff overlooking the Guadalupe River, this spectacular restaurant nestled under the shade of towering oak trees has been the perfect getaway for a unique casual dining experience for thirty years.

Sitting on the banks of the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels between Austin and San Antonio, the Gruene cotton gin processed crops raised by area farmers until the wooden structure burned to the ground in 1922.  All that remains of the water-powered mill today is the three story brick boiler room – now the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar.

Located in the historic district of Gruene just beneath the famous Gruene water tower, they opened in 1977, serving steaks and hamburgers from a tiny kitchen in the corner of the building. Their menu still features thick steaks and large hamburgers, but the restaurant also serves up popular South Texas fare like chicken fried steak, fried catfish, grilled chicken, enormous sandwiches, fresh fish and special dishes like tomatillo chicken and bronzed catfish.  Fudge pie, the enormous strawberry shortcake and their signature Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie are famous desserts.  A full bar with a good wine list and fresh squeezed lime margaritas are also big hits.

The Gristmill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 as a part of the Gruene Historic District.  These days, the Gristmill is a destination restaurant serving thousands of people per year in our unique, rustic, river bluff setting.

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