Mama Mancini’s is Celebrating National Meatball Day

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Mama Mancini’s is Celebrating National Meatball Day

Mama Mancini’s is Celebrating National Meatball Day March 9th

Celebrate National Meatball Day tomorrow with delicious meatballs from Mama Mancini’s. Mama Mancini’s is an authentically Italian brand of all natural, prepared foods. Their product line of meatballs, stuffed meatballs, Italian sauces, and more are made with real, delicious ingredients which are slow-cooked to perfection. Nothing else – ever.

Mama Mancini's

Mama Mancini’s prepared meatballs taste like your grandmother’s homemade cooking, but can be heated up at home in minutes. Perfect for anyone, from singles to college students, and families alike to celebrate this fun and delicious food holiday.

You can use any of their slow cooked sauce and Italian style meatballs in any number of recipes including, yes, spaghetti and meatball. Or maybe slice them up to put on a pizza. Or crush them up for a delicious and easy Baked Ziti. Possibilities are endless on how to use them, but no matter how to fix them, they are delicious.

Mama Mancini's


Dan Mancini chose his Grandmother’s Meatballs and Slow Cooked Italian Sauce as the first recipe to bring to your table. They prepare this dish the exact way she did so many years ago. The meatballs are made from 100% beef, whole fresh eggs, Romano cheese, onion, parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper and the exact amount of bread crumbs. They are formed by hand just like Anna did and lightly browned. They place them in the Slow Cooked Italian Sauce which is pure Italian plum tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, some salt and pepper and a bay leaf and slowly cook them for three hours. This is the only way to prepare authentic old world meatballs and sauce. Gently stirring every 20 minutes guarantees perfect meatballs every time. There are no shortcuts.

Mama Mancini’s also carries gluten-free meatball options. Go here to find a store near you to purchase their products.


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