Eat Sushi like a Pro at Sukeban

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Eat Sushi like a Pro at Sukeban

Eat Sushi like a Pro – Tips from Sukeban

Learn to eat Sushi! Gone are the days when sushi was a “weird” food only reserved for the raw fish-fanatics. Nowadays, it seems like everyone loves sushi, and more and more sushi spots are popping up all over the country.


Whether you’re an old sushi-eating pro or a newbie to the fare, we wanted to provide you with some tips on sushi etiquette from Gerry Shirley, owner of Sukeban, a sushi and Champagne bar in San Antonio. Attached, find a few of his tips, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to speak with Gerry for more tips and do’s and don’ts for a possible story or Q&A.

Don’t look like a fish out of water, here are some tips on how to appear like a sushi-eating pro from owner of SukebanGerry Shirley.

eat Sushi

  1. Think you have mastered chopsticks? Here’s one thing you DON’T want to get caught doing and that’s skewering your sushi. Shirley says skewering could cut through your roll, which is not how the roll is intended to be eaten. In fact, it’s proper to eat the whole piece of sushi in one bite.


  1. Sushi may seem too good to share but if you decide to get a platter for two, you’ll want to avoid spreading germs. Shirley says to make sure to use the back end of your chopsticks when taking from a shared platter to transfer to your plate.


  1. Perhaps you want to avoid the chopsticks altogether, so why not have a little fun and take finger foods to a whole new level. After all Shirley says it’s OK to pick up the roll with your hands and bite in.



1420 S Alamo St, San Antonio, Texas 78204




About Sukeban:

Sukeban, a stylish sushi and Champagne bar, offers an exciting new concept to the Blue Star Arts Complex in Southtown, San Antonio. Its sophisticated yet playful interior complete with edgy Japanese anime murals and burnt pine partitions is a perfect complement to its name, roughly translating to “boss girl” from the Japanese schoolgirl gang archetype. Its menu specializes in contemporary Japanese fare along with a carefully curated wine, bubbles and cocktail list. Owned by Gerry and Amonrat Shirley, successful and well-known San Antonio restaurateurs, the classy spot is a favorite new destination for both locals and tourists alike.

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